Was Guns N Roses Good Or Bad?

axl rose performing on stage at the Austin City Limits music festival this year

With the first weekend in the books, we looked back at what we thought was the best and what was the worst of ACL.  We determined that Lizzo was best, Cardi B being the late was the worst, and Guns N Roses was somewhere in between.  Both Jason and Deb saw Guns N Roses Friday night, and while Jason thought it was much better he was expecting, Deb thought it was pretty crap.  Based on social media reactions, it seemed like a very polarizing performance.  The one thing everyone could agree on however was that Axl Rose looked like a bloated dead body that had washed up from Lady Bird Lake.  Let us know on Twitter what you thought was the best and worst of ACL 2019.

Deb Goes Hard At Taco Cabana

Over the weekend Deb was hungry for some afternoon breakfast tacos and went to Taco Cabana.  She ordered her usual potato and egg, but also happened to notice Taco Cabana has a beyond meat taco now too.  The only problem was, it came in a hard taco shell, and as Deb revealed recently, she is a soft taco girl.  Hard tacos break too easily and it’s hard for Deb to get a bite that has a little bit of everything in it.  Jason was insistent Deb just wasn’t eating them right.  So in the end we determined Deb is in on Taco Cabana breakfast tacos, but still out on hard taco shells.  But stay tuned for a Jason And Deb Review Things, where Jason teaches Deb how to unhinge her jaw and properly take down a hard taco.

Does San Antonio Really Think They Have Better Tacos Than Austin?

With all the taco talk today, we found ourselves debating whether Austin or San Antonio has better tacos.  We also managed to start a vigorous Twitter debate about what taco place in Austin has the best tacos.  So let us know whether you’re Team ATX or Team SA when it comes to tacos.  Just don’t be like that one person who kept trying to say New Braunfels had the best tacos.  Get in the bin New Braunfels tacos.


Business Insider has the 50 Most miserable cities in America.

A cat in China had to get an IV drip after an orgy broke out at a pet hotel.

And the new Joker movie was number one at the box office this weekend.


The Cowboys got destroyed by the Green Bay Packers.

The Texans put up over 50 points against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph got knocked out after a hit from Earl Thomas.  Even worse, the medical cart broke down and he had to be walked/carried off the field.

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