Was Deb’s Vacation The Greatest Of All Time?

deb on a farm holding a goat in her arms

Big news! We’re back to our normal 6 to 10am schedule.  You can listen through your smart home assistant listening box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). Or download the 101X app on your phone and stream us from there!  And there’s always the good old podcast if your alarm fails to wake you up in time.


Not GOAT, Just Goats

In a word, no.  We were off last week, and while Jason fully enjoyed his time off, Deb was bored out of her mind.  She did get to take to a road trip to see some goats, and have a social distance pool-party with some friends.  But other than that, all there was to do was watch TV.  But at least now she’s all caught up on Netflix’s Dark.  Also Jason is all caught up on Mad Men and has officially moved on this new show called Veep.  He’s heard good things.


We Love You Patrick

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we called listener Jacquelyn’s husband Patrick, who has been quarantined away from her and their new baby after testing positive for coronavirus.  Luckily he hasn’t been dealing with severe symptoms and it got him out of having to help move into a new home.  Plus he’s been doing it sober this whole time. Yikes! If you’ve got someone you think needs some extra love these days, let us know!

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Crying Jason Dick Meme

Today’s Does Deb Know Stuff was about famous internet memes and the Crying Michael Jordan come up.  Jason revealed he used to be able to make himself cry on demand (most likely developed for when Mama Dick wouldn’t buy him something he wanted), but couldn’t manage it when pressed.  But we did scour the archives and these were the closed we could come to Crying Jason Dick.


Daily Morale Boosters

Emmanuel Acho has come out with another episode of Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.


Speaking of Jacquelyn.


Youtuber Katina Eats Kilos is living the Jason Dick dream of crushing a 72oz Steak challenge in Amarillo.


This Is Not Good Video

This C of the Week maybe a week old already, but it’s still relevant.  Please wear your masks.

Check out all of our This Is Not Good Video videos.


Help Us Find A Forever Home For Braidy

Unfortunately Deb is having to re-home her dog Braidy.  Click through for details and pics of sweet Braidy, but let us know if you or someone you know can help.



Since donations of food from grocery stores and manufactures are way down, the Central Texas Food Bank is having to purchase way more food than usual.

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