The Big Game!

basketball swoosh

Over the weekend, we had the grudge match of the century it was Jason and Nick against Katy and Dave B. in some 2 v. 2 basketball. Dave had challenged them to this match several months ago when Jason was about 40 lbs heavier. That probably would have been good thinking because even mid odyssey Jason was out of breath halfway through the 1st game. Nick and Dick pulled off a win during the first game with a score of 11-4, but both Jason and Nick were pretty winded by the end of it. Dave B. and Katy were hopeful they would get a comeback in game 2. Unfortunately for them, Dave B. went down about 4 minutes in with what he thinks is a torn Achilles. It was a valiant effort by everyone who played. Thanks to the listeners who showed up to watch in person and to Felix who hooked us up with the indoor court access. You can check out pictures and the Facebook live video from the game right here!


Team (Nick) & Dick vs. Team KD


Quien Es Mas Macho?

It’s no one’s favorite time of the week when we play Quien Es Mas Macho. Listener Ricky bought some SXSW platinum badges on Craigslist Thursday night and went to go pick them up. Unfortunately for him, SXSW was canceled the next day. He went back to the house where he bought them and asked for his money back, to which the seller refused. Ricky raised some hell and ended up having the cops called on him and was arrested. He spent the weekend in jail and wasn’t able to eat or sleep. On the other hand, Jason pretty much spent his weekend playing poker and basketball. He even stayed up all night playing poker, even saw the time change and went straight to the basketball game vs. team KD! Surprisingly Jason still has some basketball skills even with no sleep and even less conditioning. Needless to say, the listener definitely beat Jason because that is just one wild story, hope it all works out for you Ricky!


Jason and Deb Review Things

In the latest episode of Jason and Deb review things we reviewed Jason’s Ginger Spice outfit for the flashback dance.



SXSW 2020 has been canceled due to Coronavirus concerns.

Ted Cruz is self quarantining because he unknowingly interacted with a Coronavirus patient.

Ketchup does not need to be refrigerated.


The University of Texas Men’s Basketball team had a hard loss on Saturday.

A minor league baseball team canceled an “OJ Simpson Trial” theme night.


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