That’s Just Gross

Jason car with gross on the side.

A couple of days ago, Jason went to the parking lot and found a peculiar substance all over the side of his car. There must be a pterodactyl in the station parking lot, or that’s just one extremely sick bird. Warning, the photos are pretty gross.


Swipe at your own risk.

That’s Just Gross

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Something on the side of Jason's car.
Something on the side of Jason's car.
Something on the side of Jason's car.

  • Something on the side of Jason's car.
  • Something on the side of Jason's car.
  • Something on the side of Jason's car.

That’s Just Gross…





Two days ago, the stone guys came and Deb is right, that’s some sexy stone. She also got a nice gold tap, and notice the affluence button! The counter top isn’t granite nor marble, it’s a special magic stone that will never get scratched or stained. Not even a wine stain. Deb is still working out the pluming situation, but looks like Deb won’t be doing dishes in the tub for much longer.


Feast your eyes! 

Deb's new sink.



This is day three of Deb’s exploration of her allergies. If you’re wondering why she has been wearing patches on her back, her dermatologist recommended a patch test to find out exactly what she is allergic to. The results are in and turns out, the nickel in dye is what caused her to itch and twitch last year. She also learned she is allergic to gold and ironically, Neosporin. On top of all of that, the tape used to cover the patches even irritated her skin!


Check out the photos of Deb’s patch test results from yesterday and today.

Deb's back. Deb's back.


Today we called Wild Birds Unlimited in Paramus, NJ to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb said she was looking to get into the ornithology game, and Wild Birds Unlimited had the perfect bird bath and feeder to get started. Maybe they couldn’t hear Deb over Alfie’s snoring, but they had no love for either of them today and she got buttslammed.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Listen to today’s something about cartoons trivia on the 6AM podcast.

Don’t Butthurt Me Bro– Today’s Butthurt decider was listener Kung Fu Kaity. Listen to today’s game on the 7AM podcast.

Does Deb Know Stuff- Play along and listen to today’s fun bird facts trivia on the 9AM podcast.  



People walk past an American fast-food hamburger restaurant Carl's Jr, in the center of St. Petersburg on January 13, 2015.

Carl’s Jr. will have a special $4.20 CBD burger to celebrate 4/20.

Jeopardy! winner James Holzhauer has added one-hundred and thirty one dollars to his current winning and has won a perfect game.

The ‘Game of Thrones‘ season eight premiere was pirated fifty-four million times surpassing its legal audience.



James Harden #13 of the Houston Rockets drives to the basket over Rudy Gobert #27 of the Utah Jazz as Clint Capela #15 and Ricky Rubio #3 look on during Game Two of the first round of the 2019 NBA Western Conference Playoffs between the Houston Rockets an

The Houston Rockets defeated Utah Jazz 125 to 98.

The 2019 NFL schedule for all thirty-two teams has been released.

The AAF has filed for bankruptcy with more than forty-eight million dollars in liabilities.




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