#TBTwJnD: Random Concert Photos From Deb’s Phone

deb at the sound board at vulcan gas company


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#TBTwJND Time!

Recently Deb was going through her photos on her phone and saw that Apple’s algorithms had created a folder called concerts.  It was such a fun trip down memory lane that we thought, why not share it with you too.  There’s also some fun videos of Sam Smith, Noel Gallagher, and of course, Band of Horses, and even some pictures of her pets for some weird reason.  Enjoy!

#TBTwJnD: Random Concert Photos From Deb’s Phone






Gummy Update

Recently we told you about one of Deb’s “friends” who has gotten into the THC gummy life.  Well, the other day this “person” experienced one of the downsides to gummys, the munchies.  “Their” significant other brought home some Cheetos-flavored popcorn, and after one or two gummies, Deb’s “friend” ate the whole bag.  But the worst part, other than an immediate case of snack-shame, is that “their” fingers were stained orange from the Cheetos dust!


Producer Katy Update

Last weekend Jason and Nick got to have brunch with Producer Katy and her family in Grapevine, but Deb missed out so we decided to give Katy a call to catch up.  Since she was unceremoniously let go at the start of the pandemic, Katy’s been upskilling her bartending abilities and has scored a job as a bar back at the luxurious Hotel Vin.  While it’s not quite the position she was hoping for she’s still enjoying her new job and is working on getting the experience she needs to officially become a bartender.  She is quickly learning that her new profession can result in some late nights, as she forgot to set an alarm for our phone call and almost slept through it.  Luckily everything worked out, and we’re already looking forward to the next time we can catch up with our beloved Producer Katy!


Love Yourself Too!

For today’s I Love You Call we tried The Liquor Store in Memphis, Tennessee (Turns out it’s actually a diner that used to be a liquor store). But before that, we also talked about how doing daily guided mediation has changed Deb’s life, and has helped immensely with her anxiety.  As that’s something we can all relate to in 2020, we highly recommend you check the Austin Meditation Center.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Daily Jason And Deb

Never forget that Jason was onto Cobra Kai back when it was still on YouTube TV.

Watch more of our videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Do you wish Step Brothers starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone?


Everyone’s doing their own “Dreams” video these days, but Adam Sandler’s dog is our current favorite.


Dodecahedron for the win. #Natural20s


And finally, the best part of Step Brothers. (NSFW language)


Trix And Treats Contest

Halloween is just around the corner and we want to see your cutest pet costume pics!  You can enter online and vote once a day, so get your pup up there ASAP!  Winner gets a doggie gift basket from Nulo Pet Food.


Early Voting Is Here

Early voting is here and 101X has a handy-dandy voting guide to make it as easy as possible for you to make your vote count!

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