Sandwich Wars


During are you Smarter Than Jason one of the questions for Elvis trivia was “what are the three ingredients in Elvis’ favorite sandwich?” This sparked a disagreement that would last the rest of the show. Jason argued that one of the ingredients could technically be bread. Deb, Nick, and Katy fought back saying that when you’re asking what the ingredients in a sandwich are, the bread is a given. Jason played his professional baby card hard and wouldn’t give up on his stance. Yes, bread is an ingredient in a sandwich but you don’t name it when listing the ingredients in a sandwich! Maybe give this one up Jason, just this once! 


Who’s The A-Hole?

During the Super Bowl Jason was scrolling through Instagram and noticed several friends were attending a wedding. Jason was astonished. How could a couple schedule their wedding on the night of the Super Bowl?! Jason thinks they’re the A-hole for doing this to their guests. The Super Bowl is one of the most-viewed events in the country, the people don’t wanna watch you get married that night, they wanna watch the Super Bowl! 


Deb’s Diary 

Deb watched “Ernie and Joe: Crisis Cops” on HBO and absolutely loved the documentary. She thinks it was such an important unit that definitely needs recognition. Their job is to talk to people who are having mental health crises and get them the help they need rather than sending them straight to jail. Deb called up her law enforcement friend and learned that every cadet in Austin must go through a mandatory crisis intervention before they graduate. Deb hopes more law enforcement will go through this training in order to help people in our community that really need it. 



Apparently, Pamela Anderson’s marriage ended over text message. 

A water skiing squirrel has been illegally performing in Vancouver. 

Parasite has only made about $35M at the box office in America.



Baylor basketball beat UT this week in Austin. 


Mike Bolsinger is suing the Astros. 


There is speculation that Tom Brady could come to the Cowboys. 

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