Producer Katy Gets Fired… Again!

katy taking a selfie with deb's dog alfie

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We Love You Producer Katy

Good news, Deb will be back on the airwaves this coming Monday. Bad news, it means we’ve got to fire Producer Katy all over again.  But before she goes we gave her one last shot to score an I Love You, and this time she’s got a plan…

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Seven Dollars Worth Of Hoobastank

We told Katy she could play a game on her last day and she chose to take on the Dickman in another round of our setlist game.


Dear C Of The Redacted Week

We did another C of the Week/Dear Redacted mashup today.  Producer Nick started things off by calling out people who waste everyone else’s time backing their cars into parking spots.  Katy jumped in to declare the hotel that wouldn’t hire her as a bartender her C of the Week.  And finally, Nick put all the listeners on blast for forgetting all about his I Love You Call attempt after Dave B made his miraculous attempt yesterday.


This Is Not Good Video

Speaking of which…

Listen to more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters



Never had a single lesson


Anthony Michael Hall had to apologize for going off on some South Congress pool-goers.


And finally the ultimate morale booster. Deb is back on Monday, which means more stuff like this coming your way.


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