Nick and Katy’s Final Hurrah!

Nick and Katy

Happy Friday everybody! It’s been a weird week but Producers Nick and Katy have been happy to be with you all. They got to both talk about some of their favorite things today and had some exciting news. Jason is returning from Mexico early therefore he and Deb will be back on Monday! Get excited for the whole gang back together on Monday but until then, enjoy some of what happened on the Nick and Katy show today.

Dear Redacted

While no one needs to redact the main personal beef in all our lives (coronavirus), Nick had a few he needed to share. If you’ve never heard Nick’s “Dear Redacted,” segment before, it’s where he confronts some personal beef but redacts who it’s aimed at. At first, he started with a normal one and was angry with the senator who sold over a million dollars worth of stock. This was just a week before the stock market started to see a decline due to the coronavirus. Nick went rogue and just named the senator, Richard Burr from North Carolina, but it’s very fair and reasonable to not redact this one. His more traditional Dear Redacted was to the people who are working from home and are parking in his usual spot. Nick said when he gets home normally in the early afternoon there is lots of free parking, but with everyone working from home that is no longer the case. Well, can’t win ’em all but at least we won today getting to hear a rare “Dear, Redacted,” segment!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Since sports are #cancelled for the time being, Katy got to talk about what is her sports equivalent, Ru Paul’s Drag Race! She started watching it in 2017 when she studied abroad and the Czech Republic Netflix had all current seasons available to stream. The show is currently in its 12 season and still going strong. Even Nick had watched a few seasons awhile ago! It spans across all genders, anyone can get into it because it’s so entertaining. If you’ve never seen it, it’s like a mix of Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and America’s Got Talent. Between the charisma, uniqueness, talent, and nerve it makes for some pretty inspirational Queens! New episodes are on every Friday on VH1 at 7 PM!

Jason and Deb Review Things 

It’s Friday which means there is a new episode of Jason and Deb review things! This time they review the new gym at work in the Waterloo Media basement!


Our sister station, ACL Radio is putting on ‘Stand With Austin’ a work-from-home live broadcast with artists such as Britt Daniel from Spoon and Shakey Graves tonight at 8pm!

Matthew McConaughey put out a PSA about dealing with COVID-19.


ESPN is bringing back the Ocho with interesting sports such as “Robot Fighting, Marble Runs, and Sign Spinning

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