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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to point out why you never want to be That Guy.  Specifically Purposefully Doesn’t Tell You Your Ex Is Engaged Guy. Earlier this week, Jason saw on Facebook that one of his ex-girlfriends recently got engaged.  She and Jason are still friends so he’s very excited for her and wishes her all the best, but she posted the big news on Sunday and Jason didn’t see it until several days later.  So he’s upset at friend and sports podcast producer Dave B, who is usually all too happy to point out the romantic affairs of Jason’s exes.  Deb is firmly on the opposite side of the fence.  She’s remained friends with several of her exes, including her ex-husband, but there have been a few times where she’s need to completely cut someone out of her life.  In her words, she needed time to fall out of love with them, before they come across Facebook feed.  It’s also easier not to end up backsliding with your ex if you cut them out, which may explain why Jason maintains a stay friends policy.

How Many People Have You Loved In Your Life?

During today’s That Guy segment Jason also bragged that he only falls in love with people and never falls out of love with them.  When Deb questioned him on this, he rattled off nine former flames he claimed to still be in love with to this day.  At first Deb was skeptical that Jason had really been in love with that many people.  She ticked off a quick tally of the people she’s been in love with and also came up with nine, but insisted that nine was realistic for her to have that many since she’s older than Jason.  Producer Nick revealed he also had many former loves, so many that it was impossible for him to count them all off the top of his head.

The Jason And Deb Fantasy Football Draft

Yesterday was our fantasy football draft for the Jason and Deb league.  You can check out the full breakdown on the podcast, but some of the highlights included Deb’s former shadow manager “accidentally” kicking her out of the draft and taking over, Deb insisting she considered taking Ezekiel Elliot with the #9 pick, even though he was taken with the very first pick, and new Producer Katy having to deal with Alfie trying to “help”.

Hit the link if you want to see our teams and if you missed out on it this year, keep firing off those tweets at the show and get at Jason next football season


The cast of Saved by the Bell are all apparently willing to do a reunion if asked.  Well, the important ones anyway.

Someone pulled out a gun at a Houston Popeyes and tried to rush the kitchen after being told they had run out of chicken sandwiches.

Cardi B is now feuding with a rap group made up of four 10 year old boys, after they released a diss track aimed at her on their Instagram.  Watch out boys, Cardi B won’t hesitate to go Stepbrothers on ya ass!


The Longhorns are up to #9 in the latest college football AP Top 25 poll.

Ezekiel Elliot has FINALLY signed a new contract with the Cowboys and is back in Dallas with the team.


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