Katy Doesn’t Want To Live In A World Without Zebus

picture of two minature zebus photoshopped with abraham lincoln hats on their humps

Big news! We’re back to our normal 6 to 10am schedule.  You can listen through your smart home assistant listening box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). Or download the 101X app on your phone and stream us from there!  And there’s always the good old podcast if your alarm fails to wake you up in time.


Register To Vote

It’s always important to vote, but now more than ever.  Get registered directly by clicking here or find out more on important dates and other things you need to know on our official 2020 voting guide.


We Love You Zebuham Lincoln!

We covered an elderly couple in California that had to be rescued from an angry cow in one of today’s news segments, which led to Jason declaring he could beat a cow in a race.  So naturally we tried to call some place that has cows for the I Love You Call and see if they would let us race them. Katy ended up talking to Heavenly Heart Farm & Petting Zoo in Edinburg, Virginia.  Unfortunately they didn’t have cows, but they did have a miniature Zebu named Abraham that Katy fell in love with.  They’re basically tiny adorable cows from Africa.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Nick’s Diary

Jason interrupted Nick’s Diary with today’s The O.C. recap. Luckily Nick’s Diary was just about how his pillows suck and he’s looking for advice on buying new ones.  Double luckily, The O.C. recap today was just that show has continued to be bad and Jason is officially out on watching it. Hooray!


Dumb Question Amnesty

Today’s Dumb Question Amnesty was a milestone for Jason considering how uncomfortable he normally is with this kind of subject matter.  But his question was, when you eat something that is bad for your diet, can you keep your body from absorbing the bad stuff by taking a bunch of laxatives.  Seems last Friday, Jason had a bit of a cheat meal and consumed a bunch of sliders, and that sparked this latest “theory” While the Jason and Deb show officially does not support such obviously unsafe weight loss methods, we’d have to admit it’s not the dumbest theory he’s come up with.  So get at us if there are any gastroenterologist in the house and let us know if there’s actual science to support it or if Jason’s brain is wilin’ out.


Daily Morale Boosters

Speaking of Jason’s theory..


Producer Nick did Lord of the Rings trivia for Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick just so he could reference this.


Is it possible for a show to jump the shark before a single episode has aired?


Daily Jason And Deb

We can confirm Deb did not leave us for a job on our Latino sister station.


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