Jim Atkins Would Be So Dissapointed

Half of jason's face in front of a picture on his wall of jim atkins of jimmy eat world

Good news, we’re 99% sure Deb will be back next Monday.  More details are on the way, but set your alarms for Monday morning if you’ve been missing some Deb O’Keefe.


Jim Atkins Would Be So Disappointed

In what was perhaps a poor strategic move, we decided to test Jason’s Jimmy Eat World fandom by seeing how many of their songs he could name based on just the first three words.  It proved very popular with dumpster fire enthusiasts, and the good news is we only made it a third of the way through Nick’s list of songs so we’ll get to do this every day until Deb comes back to put a stop to it.


That Guy

Well If You Had Worn Your Mask You Could Have Had College Football Guy, don’t be That Guy.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the college football season is dangling by a thread.  The Big XII is still in, but it remains to be seen if the Longhorns are able to salvage their season.  It’s trying times for football fans and Jason doesn’t need anyone rubbing salt on the wound.  And Jason’s even a pro-wear-your-damn-mask guy, he’s just a want’s-college-football-to-happen guy more.  Even so, please continue to wear your masks people.


Daily Morale Boosters

Why would you even set up this system?


Gordon Ramsay critiquing people’s cooking on TikTok is #*@&ing brilliant.


That’s not a Healthy Sandwich this is an #idiotsandwich !!! #duet with @myhealthydish #ramsayreacts #fyp

♬ original sound – My Nguyen


Who can’t relate?


This Is Not Good Video

We don’t have to tell you Jason’s had some really dumb theories over the years, but this one is his crappiest yet.

Listen to more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Register To Vote

It’s always important to vote, but now more than ever.  Get registered directly by clicking here or find out more on important dates and other things you need to know on our official 2020 voting guide.


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