Medina Lake Mischief

holding a fish he caught on medina lake

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Deb’s QB QT’s

We had Deb rank all of the starting NFL quarterback according to how attractive they are. If you want to play along at home, and potentially win a prize if you guess her top five correctly, you can find the pictures we used here. The video goes live Wednesday at 7pm so get your submissions in ASAP!


Medina Lake

Jason decided to rent an Airbnb on Medina Lake for the holiday weekend.  He brought along his Bumblina and her kid, as well as Mama Dick and his nephew Aiden.  Unfortunately Jason caught a good-sized catfish almost immediately and did not hold back on bragging about his fishing prowess to poor innocent Bumblito.  Fortunately they’re such good bros that Bumblito didn’t respond negatively to Jason’s ribbing at all.  At least that’s Jason’s take on the whole thing. #SMDH

Jason’s Labor Day Vacation On Medina Lake

Two Thumbs Up For Tenet

Over the weekend Deb decided to brave the movie theatre to see Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-blower, Tenet.  Fortunately our friends at Galaxy Theatres Austin are taking coronavirus seriously and there was enough social distancing in the theatre that Deb felt safe.  Good thing too, because according to her Tenet is amaze balls.  She loved the action, the twists and the absolutely insane special effects.  Plus, she’s become a huge fan of John David Washington after seeing him in BlacKkKlansman and he did not disappoint.  If you’ve seen it, feel free to slide into her DMs and discuss all those juicy spoilers.


I Love You Call

Wal-Mart released their list of the top toys this holiday season, so we thought we’d call a toy store in Atlanta, Georgia and see what they could recommend.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Daily Jason And Deb

In addition to crushing Bumblito at fishing this weekend, Jason also attempted to do some kayaking.  It did not go well.

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Daily Morale Boosters

Guess this settles the debate of whether Odell Beckham Jr is the Browns’ number one or number two wide receiver. (NSFW)


Did you know Lin Manuel Miranda likes to play with his food. (NSFW language)


Could have been worse.


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