Jason and Deb’s Alternative Bracket 2020 – SEX THINGS!

Sex Things
It’s definitely March Madness around here. Things aren’t quite going as planned. But we will persist and get through these uncertain times. During your social distancing at home, you can fill out your alternative bracket! This year it’s sex things! The criteria for deciding your bracket is: “If I could only do this or this for the rest of the time, which would it be?”


  1. CLICK HERE to download the bracket as an excel sheet
  2. Fill out your bracket
  3. Send it to us at morningx@krox.com by Tuesday, March 24th at 12pm CST!
  4. The tiebreaker is: what percentage of the vote does the winner get in the championship matchup?
  5. Remember, fill this out in terms of which thing you could only do for the rest of time.
  6. We’re going to decide on who advances from the first round in a bonus This Is Not Good Radio podcast on Thursday, so you’ve got until it goes live to get your brackets in.
  7. Ok, go get ’em tigers!

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