How To Milk Your Cucumber

a stock image of five unmilked cucumbers

Big news! We’re now live on your radio all the way until noon.  You can still get us on your smart home assistant listening box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). Or you can just download the 101X app on your phone and stream us from there!  And there’s always the good old podcast.

Milking Your Cucumbers

Heads up, if you’re not milking your cucumbers then apparently you’re doing it all wrong.


milking a cucumber?#healthheroes #kitchenhacks #cucumber #fyp

♬ original sound – Basically Perkfect


I Love You Call

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we called Mrs. Byrd who teaches one of Deb’s friend’s kid, Mojo.  Even though Mojo zooms with Mrs. Bryd almost every day, he still misses seeing her in person, and wanted us to call her and tell her we love her.  If you’ve got someone you think needs some extra love these days, let us know!


Volcano Man

Will Ferrell has a new Netflix movie coming out where he plays an Icelandic musician in the Eurovision Song Contest and he released a teaser for the song Volcano Man.



Turns out the Eurovision Song Contest is actually a real competition that’s been held since the 1950s.  Deb told us she had fond memories of bands like Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man winning it.




Daily Morale Boosters

If looking to play some tennis in Nassau County, New York, here are the ball rules you’ll need to know.


Just Katy Perry recording one of her songs in “Simlish”, like you do.



Also if this doesn’t make your day nothing will.


Daily Jason And Deb

It’s official! Missionary is your 2020 Jason And Deb Sex Bracket champion.


Help Us Find A Forever Home For Braidy

Unfortunately Deb is having to re-home her dog Braidy.  Click through for details and pics of sweet Braidy, but let us know if you or someone you know can help.


101X presents Fantasy X-Fest

101X is letting you pick what artists we play on Memorial Weekend!  Vote for your favorites and come fest with us!



Since donations of food from grocery stores and manufactures are way down, the Central Texas Food Bank is having to purchase way more food than usual.

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