How Do You Smile In A Mask?

deb giving the f me eyes while wearing a mask

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Dear DQA

Today’s Deb’s Diary segment was really a Dumb Question Amnesty in disguise, which is fitting since it’s about masks.  Specifically, what do you do when you’re someone who likes to smile at people?  Whenever she’s out walking her dogs or at the grocery store, Deb tends to smile at strangers just to be friendly, but now that she’s wearing a mask all the time she’s worried they won’t be able to tell.  Should she become like the dude bros at the gym and head nod everyone? Does she start giving people the Rachel Nichols F me eyes?  Or, is it time to just go full on sensory deprivation like Jason, and put in her ear pods to avoid all human interaction?  Thanks Covid, you’re already the worst, and now you’ve done gone and given Deb smile anxiety.


Let’s Talk Talkies

Producer Nick is so far inside Jason’s head that he doesn’t even have to actually troll him to send him reeling.


I Love You Call

Poor Alfie had an upset stomach this morning so we called a pet store in Connecticut to see if they could give his poor tummy (and Deb) some love.

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Daily Jason And Deb

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Daily Morale Boosters

Everyone knows the best way to boost your morale is to help others who really need it.


Dave Grohl wrote a theme song for the 10 year old girl who beat him in a drum battle.


It’s funny because he’s okay.


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