Happy Birthday Deb!!!

deb in the studio surrounded by birthday ballons

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Happy Birthday Deb!

Today our very own Deb O’Keefe celebrated her 46th birthday! Hooray!  Not only did we celebrate by decorating the studio with balloons and streamers, but we also played a round of $7 Worth Of Hoobastank with all of her favorite musicians.  We even filmed if for our This Is Not Good Video series.  Make sure you check back later tonight when it premiers so you can see Jason and Deb’s Dave Matthews Band duet. It’s well worth it.  So congregations to Deb for making it another year and feel free to send a birthday greeting her way!



Not only is today Thursday, but it’s also Deb’s birthday! Since it would be irresponsible to throw a huge party, the next best thing is looking back of some of her birthday celebrations from years past. Enjoy.


Starbucks Tumbler

Jason is not shy about declaring himself the best boyfriend ever, but yesterday he might have actually deserved the title.  His Bumblina is a collector of Starbucks tumblers and they just released a special Halloween one that she’s anxious to get her hands on.  Knowing this Jason went to THREE different Starbucks and even a Target looking for one.  Unfortunately it seems Starbucks tumblers are the one thing Jason’s affluence can’t buy as he was unable to find one.  But at least Bumblina got a nice chai latte out of it.  But if you see one out in the wild, grab it so you can gouge the Dickman on the resale value.

I Love You Call

Lego is officially coming out with a Baby Yoda kit, and it made us all reminisce about the good old days of building stuff as a kid.  So we called up Mary Arnold Toys in New York to see if they had any in stock.  Will Deb get buttslammed on her birthday or will the power of love guide her to success?

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.



The boys stayed late last night recording another (Nick And) Dick On Sports podcast for you to enjoy.  There’s plenty of personal beefs, a Jason Dick poker story, and even some talk about actual sports.


This Is Not Good Video

Last week we had Deb’s friend Sarah in studio to do a spiritual reading on Deb and Producer Nick.  Even if you don’t believe in that kind of stuff it’s still fun to watch Jason try not to be jerk about the whole thing. Good job Dickman… mostly.

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Still better than anything Hollywood’s done after T2.


That’s, P-O-L-L not P-O-L-E (NSFW)


And finally, good news for all you burrito enthusiasts who’ve been struggling with getting them into your mouth.


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