Get Well Soon Alfie!

Deb's dog alfie dressed up like a lion cub

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Poor Alfie!

Deb was out sick tending to a very sick pup.  Alfie has pancreatitis (again) and was throwing up blood yesterday. Luckily he seems to be doing much better after spending the night in pet hospital.  Hopefully we’ll have both of them back in studio tomorrow, but keep sending positive vibes their way!


That Guy

We had a double-barrel That Guy today.  First up was Hey Did You Get New Clothes Guy.  Last week Jason was heckled by Rosa our receptionist for a super-baggy shirt and she told him it was time to get some new clothes.  It was especially hurtful since he WAS wearing new pants that day, but she was only focused on his top half.  Cut to yesterday when he was leaving the station and Rosa checked up on him like an angry parent making sure their child actually did their homework.  Keep up the good work Rosa, stay on the Dickman’s ass!

We also discussed Fires Up The Group Text Early In The Morning Guy.  Producer Nick is now on a group text with several members of his family, including his young niece and nephew.  They are both budding YouTube stars who have zero qualms about firing off their latest Minecraft or cat video at 6:48 in the morning… ON A SATURDAY!  Luckily for them, Producer Nick is a good uncle who dutifully lols all their videos, but not before AT LEAST 9am.


I Love You Call

Since Deb was out we fired up one of her classic I Love You Call attempts. Enjoy.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


This Is Not Good Video

Yesterday, we snuck a Dumb Question Amnesty into Deb’s Diary

Watch more of our This Is Not Good Video videos here.


Daily Morale Boosters

Still better than Jason’s Diabetes Margaritas.


Shout out to all the teachers who will always be there for their students.


A New York woman has been entertaining her granddaughter by building tiny houses for fairies to live in.


No matter what, at least you’re not this guy.


Register To Vote

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