Emo Friday!

jason dick playing an electric guitar in side his home studio/closet

All week long we’ve been doing musical themed trivia questions for Does Deb Know Stuff.  We started by making Deb finish lyrics from George Michael and Prince, and today we hit her with some Emo Friday lyrics sung by our very own Jason Dick.  With guitar accompaniment of course.  Check out the Dickman’s singing on our podcast page.

We Love You Deb’s Auntie And Uncle!

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we went international for the second time this week and called Deb’s Auntie Rachel and Uncle Alan back in England.  Auntie Rachel is Deb’s favorite aunt, don’t tell the others, but will Deb be able to get two I Love Yous for the price of one? Find out below.

If you know someone who could use some extra love right now, email morningx@krox.com and they (or you) just might get a call from us.

C Of The Week

This week’s C of the Week is Covid 19, aka the coronavirus.  We’re starting to reach the point where this is hitting home for a lot of us.  Deb has had numerous friends and family lose their jobs to coronavirus closures.  Our very own Producer Katy was a covid-casualty in a round of layoffs at our own Waterloo media.  And there have even been actually cases of the disease affecting multiple loved ones between us.  Sadly, there’s no way to avoid the fact that there are going to be even more before this is all over, and this probably won’t be the last time the pandemic shows up as the C Of The Week.

If you’re in need of assistance dealing with CoronaChaos, we’ve gathered some info on a few ways to hopefully find help.  If you have more ways for people to get help, please let us know by emailing morningx@krox.com and we’ll help spread the word.

Deb Learns About Pork Butt

Yesterday Jason told us about how he ventured out into the world to pick up some Valentina’s BBQ.  Today some of the listeners were busting his chops about the math on his bbq portion sizes, and we blew Deb’s mind by telling her that pulled pork comes from smoked pork butts.  After a quick trip down an internet wormhole, we found out that they actually come from the front shoulder meat of pigs, but back in the olden days they shipped them in barrels that were called butts, because, Latin.  The more you know.

Daily Morale Booster

If that’s not enough for you, try wasting some time by filling out your very own sex bracket.  You could score yourself a pair of ACL tickets.

And if THAT’S not enough, our very own CJ “The Captain” Morgan has 13 Shelter In Place Activities You Should Avoid.

Stay safe and stay home!

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