Deb’s Kitten Hickeys

Deb Holding Her Kitten with Many Face Bruises

This week, Deb’s new kitten, Kitty Paradiso, or Kit for short, has started to get comfortable in his new home. He’s a very young kitten and wasn’t weaned off his mother correctly, so he’s constantly wanting to suckle. Braidy has even allowed Kit to fake nurse with her! Unfortunately for Deb, Kit has now chosen her face to suckle on nonstop. Deb’s face is now all kinds of messed up, with tiny kitten hickeys on her eyelids, chin, lips, neck, you name it. While it is very sweet and wholesome, it has left Deb’s face full of bruises.  We’re not sure if you can call a 6 week old kitten the C word but, Kitty Paradiso you are this week’s C of the Week. 

I Love You Call 

Deb called Pinch A Penny pool supply store to see if they had any fun pool floaties for Jason’s upcomming pool party. The nice lady told Deb that had a whole bunch of them, and even checked the back to make sure they had the smiling poo emoji floaty for her! Unfortunately they didn’t have any love for Deb in the back and she got buttslammed.


Business Insider released a list of the top 50 highest rated video games according to their Metacritic scores. 

Ray Lewis has the best odds to win Dancing With The Stars and Former White House Secretary is predicted to come in last. 

Mr. T is suing the website Leafly over their Mr. Tusk strain of marijuana, which he says too closely resembles his name. 


The Raiders and Packers had to play on an 80 yard field in Canada due to technical issues. 

Matthew Mcconaguhey showed up to UT football training camp to pump up the team. 

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