Deb’s Junk Gets Tossed

a garbage man throwing a cardboard box into a garbage truck

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Dan’s The Man And His Big Ass Claw

Deb had some junk she needed tossed and just missed her last bulk pick up day. Luckily, listener Dan’s The Man offered to bring his garbage truck by and take care of it for her.  Deb ended up collecting a bunch of her neighbors junk as well, and had gathered quite the pile for Dan’s The Man.  It was a cake of piece for his truck and its majestic claw.  Check out the videos of both Dan’s The Man and his claw in action.



Jason Is An April Fool

If you didn’t realize it yesterday was April Fools’ Day and it seems like Jason didn’t notice that face either. One of his buddies got him with a fake text saying Governor Abbot was going to stop sales of alcohol this Friday. Jason was still groggy from his nap when the text came in, and was already halfway down the street to the liquor store before he thought to actually Google it and make sure.  For the record that is NOT happening, and Jason can relax.



Every Thursday we like to did through the archives to find some old pictures for you guys to enjoy and for us struggle to remember context for.  Today we decided to do a collection of terrible photoshops we’ve created over the years.  You can the entire gallery here.  Make sure you stick around the one of Jason looking like Mrs. Potato Dick (if you don’t get the reference see our Daily Morale Boost below).  And feel free to get in on the fun and do your own Jason and Deb photoshops.


I Love You Call

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we called Matt who is the brother of one of our sales team members, Christy.  Jason has actually known Matt for years, and Matt even worked at the radio station back before any of us were here.  Matt is a plumber by trade these days and was actually out on a call with his son and apprentice.  Will Deb be able to get an I Love You out of him or will her heart get flushed down the drain?  Tune into 1:48 in today’s podcast to find out!

If you’ve got someone you think needs some extra love these days, let us know!


Daily Morale Booster

One of the terrible photoshops in today’s #TBTwJnD is a picture of Jason wearing high-waisted mom jeans with a potato for a head.  It’s from a hilarious Saturday Night Live bit mocking underground music festivals.  #RIPAssDan

If that’s not enough here’s an orangutan washing her hands.

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Daily Jason And Deb

And finally here’s Deb getting serenaded by Puddles the sad clown with the golden voice.

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