Deb’s Intervention 

movie watching

Today we had a very important intervention with one Ms. Deb O’Keefe. She’s been watching Oscar-nominated movies before the Oscars but has been doing it in an unorthodox way. She’s been watching at home with the pets and in segments before/after appointments, working out, etc. Jason wanted to have an intervention with her because the best way to watch a movie is in one sitting. He felt like he needed to confront Deb because she isn’t getting the best film viewing experience by watching them in segments. Katy also needed to air some concerns with Deb’s movie-watching tendencies. When Deb and Katy saw Uncut Gems over the weekend, Deb would whisper comments over to Katy about semi-relevant things during the movie. Obviously Katy has nothing but love for Deb but next time they go to the movies, she’s banishing Deb to another row. You can still see pictures from Deb and Katy’s all-day date here! 


Dear Diary, All Cars Don’t Have This? 

Deb has been driving around San Antonio guy’s car since hers was wrecked in the 4 car pile-up on Mopac. It’s been a pretty rainy week and Deb noticed a couple of things while driving San Antonio guy’s car in the rain. First, his front windshield wiper is missing a piece so it leaves a spot right at eyeball height un-wipeable! Also, she couldn’t figure out how to turn on the rear windshield wiper. When she called San Antonio guy to ask how to turn it on he told her that he didn’t have one! Deb was dumbfounded, she thought all cars had that feature! Her cars for at least 18 years have all had rear windshield wipers. Well, maybe in 2020 it will become the year where all cars come equipped with rear windshield wipers until then you’ll have to rely on front windshield wipers Deb! 



For the first time in 25 years, wine consumption has declined. 

Researchers have created a pill that mimics the effects of working out. 

Here is a list of things people went to the emergency room in 2019 for things stuck in their orifices. 



The LSU Tigers beat the Clemson Tigers for the National College Football Championship. 

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