Deb’s Crash Course On Eyelash Extensions

deb posing for a photoshot wearing a leopard print bra and black leather corset

Big news! We’re now live on your radio all the way until noon.  You can still get us on your smart home assistant listening box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). Or you can just download the 101X app on your phone and stream us from there!  And there’s always the good old podcast.


Lashes Out

Thanks to Deb O’Keefe, Jason and Nick were today years old when they learned about the exciting world of eyelash extensions.  Deb’s been going to her eyelash person for years now and absolutely loves having long luxurious eyelashes.  While they are stupid expensive, they do save Deb a ton of time not having to put on eye makeup.  Sadly, Deb’s been having to put up with her normal boring eyelashes thanks to coronavirus.  But, until that changes she’s found some natural eyelash growth serum that she’s excited to try out.  We’ll let you know how that goes and if it’s worth your time and money.


We Love You Chandler

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we called listener Chandler’s husband, Seth, whose pulling double duty as an EMT and #1 Dad of All-Time (at least according to his wife).  We also talked about the time they crashed Jason’s house-warming party after finding his address online. If you’ve got someone you think needs some extra love these days, let us know!

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Batman Broke Jason’s Brain

The news that Michael Keaton could reprise his role of Bruce Wayne for the upcoming Flash movie should have come as good news for the Dickman, but it may have just confused him instead.  Comic book movies can be hard to follow in general if you’re not familiar with the years of background, but The Flash movie is rumored to involve multiple parallel universes, thus giving us old Bruce Wayne.  Does this mean they’ll go full Into the Spider-Verse?  Will Keaton’s Old Man Bruce give us Terry McGinnis too?  One thing’s for sure, don’t ask Jason because he’ll have no idea what you’re talking about.


Daily Morale Boosters

This is beautiful.


A Portland State graduate was singing the national anthem for her schools virtual ceremony when a professional opera singer happened to pass by and decided to harmonize with her.


Speaking of singing, Hamilton is coming to Disney+ next Friday.


Ok, one more.


This Is Not Good Video

Check out all of our This Is Not Good Video videos.


Help Us Find A Forever Home For Braidy

Unfortunately Deb is having to re-home her dog Braidy.  Click through for details and pics of sweet Braidy, but let us know if you or someone you know can help.



Since donations of food from grocery stores and manufactures are way down, the Central Texas Food Bank is having to purchase way more food than usual.

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