Deb O’Keefe and the Accessible, Understandable, Not Dissimilar, Very Relatable Day

deb posing in the studio in her new adidas kimono tracksuit

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Who Says We’re Not Relatable?

We forget exactly why, but yesterday Deb decided she wanted to fill her day doing things that were super-relatable to you listeners.  She started off meeting with her personal trainer for leg day.  After that she spent some time in an infrared sauna, which helps with her psoriatic arthritis. Then she hit up Nordstrom Rack, to return some bras that didn’t fit right, and got a sweet tip from the saleswoman about 40% off Timberlands.  Next was a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some pies for Producer Nick’s birthday. (No vinegar pies, unfortunately).  She followed that up with a quick one-hour guided meditation session, and then had a paleo queso dinner from Picnik.  And for the piece de résistance, she told a guy off for refusing to wear his mask at the convenience store by her house.

Oh, and before you get at her about how none of this is actually relatable, that’s the joke.

C Of The Week

Another week, another car parked halfway into Deb’s driveway.  We talked about it last week, but Deb’s lives next door to a house full of young women who are doing a terrible job respecting the unwritten rules of street parking.  Deb already got yes mamm’d by one of them the first time she asked them nicely to not block her drive, and she doesn’t want to get upgraded to full on OK boomer status.  But if those girls don’t figure things out soon, they’re going to find a sternly-worded note on their windshield.  Don’t make Deb bust out an orange cone. ladies!


I Love You Call

Deb brought in a selection of different pie slices for Nick’s birthday, but her search for some vinegar pie continues with the Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop in Atlanta Georgia.

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This Is Not Good Video

If you missed it yesterday, Deb found both a dead body in her backyard and a new friend.

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Daily Morale Boosters

We’re starting to think the guys from Mastodon may not know what they’re doing in the kitchen.


If this doesn’t get you through the weekend then nothing will.


Oh and we almost forgot…

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