Deb Is Totally That Guy

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If you’re stuck at home and aren’t spending your mornings listening to us in the car, don’t forget you can still get us on your smart home assistant listening box thing.  Exert your dominance over the machines by demanding Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb. Or you can just download our app on your phone and stream us from there!

That Guy

Today had two That Guys for you, Asks Questions During A Meeting Guy and Thirsty For Compliments About Their Dog Guy.  We had our first Zoom meeting at work yesterday, and at then end when they asked if anyone had any questions at the end, guess who’s digital hand was the first one in the air.  Our very own Deb O’Keefe. The meeting was about how to maximize our social media, but Deb’s question was about the health of our Final Boss aka the owner of our company. He’s currently being treated for cancer, so obviously we are extra concerned about him these days.  So we supposed Deb’s question was a good one to ask, but she’s still That Guy.

Joining her was Jason’s very own Mama Dick.  She recently got a new Golden Doodle and has been sending him random pictures of Blossom.  Jason thinks she’s just fishing for compliments.  But if sharing cute pet pictures is wrong, do we really want to be right? If you want to show off your pets to us, send us an email or tweet @JasonAndDebWe’ve already got a gallery going from the ones we got this morning.  Heads up, if you’re animal companion becomes Insta-famous because of us, we get a 10% finder’s fee.  That only seems fair.

I Love You Call

As a sign of the times, we’ve pivoted the I Love You Call from calling random business to calling your loved ones who might need an extra boost in these trying times.  Today we called Listener Megan’s mom, Sandra.  She told us Megan has been listening to us since the days of driving to school in the morning, and has taken us with her across several countries. We found out Sandra is currently living it up on the coast in Matagorda Bay, drinking on the beach. Could she possibly buttslam Deb under those conditions?

If you’ve got someone you think needs some extra love these days, let us know!


Good news Tom Brady fans. He’s going to be able to wear his signature #12 jersey number with his new team.  TB12 gonna be all right. Whew.

Daily Morale Boosters

Take it away Jack Black.

Curb Your Enthusiasm For Going Outside

Larry Dave made a PSA about social distancing. It’s great, and it made us want to share with you one of our favorite Curb moments, Larry and Leon planning a fake mugging.  Enjoy.


Yeah, But Does He Flush?

We check in with Deb’s progress on toilet-training her cats.


Looking to give help or trying to find help? Check out #AustinRelief. A collaboration from our 8 local brands and people throughout the community. We care about Austin, and we know you care too. So let’s work together and provide #AustinRelief. 

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