Deb Is Fired Up (On Energy Drink)

Deb holding up a can of eboost energy drink with a wide-eyed look on her face

As you might have heard, Deb is off the sparkling water these days so this morning she grabbed an EBoost energy drink her boyfriend had left in the fridge.  And whether it was the extra Vitamin B or just her normal levels of passion for animals, she took a flamethrower to unscrupulous pet farms and puppy mills. You can hear the whole thing on the podcast, but if you’re considering picking up a new four-legged friend, please consider adopting from a rescue shelter before paying a bunch of money to a breeder.  Trust us, there are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of options.


C Of The Week


Deb’s boyfriend aka San Antonio Guy is still out of town doing some training for his work and Deb is definitely missing him.  Her depression has been extra hard on her this week and she could really use some SA Guy TLC.  #TheDroughtIsReal Luckily he should be back just in time to sweep Deb off her feet for Valentine’s Day. Stay strong Deb! 


Also Alfie gets an honorary C of the Week award for being too lazy to get out of bed and come to work today. #DoggoDiva



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New Jason & Deb Review Things


In the latest episode of Jason & Deb Review Things we check out Jason’s Christmas Gifts from his sister. (And show off our sweet Austin FC bobble hats)




This Is Not Good Radio


We recorded another NSFW bonus podcast this week where we discuss/spoil most of the Oscar movies from this year.  Also there’s a fun game involving Producer Katy!





Forbes has all the details on what’s inside the $225,000 Oscars 2020 gift bags.


Scientists have finally figured out how taut your butt has to be to bounce a quarter off it.


If you want more fun facts about the Academy Awards, we’ve got you covered here, here, and here.




The NBA held it’s All-Star Team Draft last night.  Looks like Team LeBron crushed it while Team Giannis made some… interesting picks.



Gayle King has received a huge amount of backlash for bringing up Kobe Bryant’s rape accusations in an interview with Lisa Leslie.



And finally, this guy was on the news last night.



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