Deb Got Attacked By A Ninja

side by side comparison of deb and jason's feet

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Blender Injury

We had to do a double take this morning when Deb revealed she was attacked by a ninja this weekend.  Luckily she was referring to the blending kind of Ninja and not the kind that attacks you from the shadows with a throwing star.  She was cleaning hers and managed to drop the blade piece on her foot, leaving a decent-sized gash.  While showing off her piggies, Jason started fat-shaming Deb’s second one and claimed once again that he could be a foot model.  Naturally we had to do a side-by-side photoshoot so you guys can determine who’s got the better looing foot.  Do let us know.

Jason’s Important PSA

Football season is officially upon us and Jason wanted to issue a very important PSA to anyone dating a football fanatic like himself: he is perfectly willing to hang out with you on the weekends but know that doing so means football will be on the TV at all times.  Apparently Jason’s Bumblina wanted to come over to his place this weekend to finish rewatching Girls, and Jason replied by saying he would be happy to do so but couldn’t squeeze her in until after 11pm.  Good thing they just finished celebrating multiple one year anniversaries, because those memories are going to have to hold her over until after the Super Bowl.


Sex And The City And Deb

Deb’s been rewatching Sex and the City lately.  She’s currently up to the part where Berger broke up with Carrie on a post-it note.  It also has led to a vigorous debate over which of the main characters is the worst.  Go vote in our Twitter poll so we can settle this once and for all.

I Love You Call

We covered a news story about a gambling website that’s looking to hire an official Cheeseburger Tester.   We ended up giving ourselves a cheeseburger-emergency, so we thought we’d call Wrights’ Diary-Rite in Virginia to see if they had any love for Deb on the menu.

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


Daily Morale Boosters

In case you wanted to know how to sign wet ass p*ssy (NSFW)


About time.


Guaranteed to make you go “Aww”


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