Deb Got A Sussie

deb holding a corcsicle wine glass

Yesterday Deb got a sussie, or surprise, in the mail.  It was a Corkcicle wine glass, which is basically a Yeti cooler for wine.  It was technically a gift addressed to the previous owners of her house, but Deb reached out them and got no response.  So it looks like Amazon error in Deb’s favor. Sweet!


Stuffing vs Dressing

We spent a large part of today’s show discussing whether you have your thanksgiving turkey with a side of stuffing or dressing.  Deb and Spenny were Team Stuffing, whereas Producer Nick was raised in the country calling it dressing.  According to Google Trends, its usually called stuffing in the north and dressing in the south.  Except Florida which is a stuffing state, which we just shocked they’re not shoving a bunch of bath salts up a turkey’s butt.  Based on our listener’s tweets, it also seems to depend on whether you’re actually cooking it in the turkey or just as a side dish.  Tune in tomorrow when we spend the whole show breaking down each state’s pie preference.


Deb’s Diary

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Deb wanted to take a moment  and wish everyone a safe and socially-distant Thanksgiving.  Hopefully none of you are going to have large family gatherings, or at least will do so outside where everyone can stay away from each other.  It’s tough not seeing everyone you want to, but it’s a small sacrifice to keep grandma and grandpa safe.


I Love You Call

Today we called Riverside Liquors and Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida to see if they would be open for Thanksgiving.  Turns out their doors are gonna be closed to stuffing seekers, but would their hearts be open to Deb’s love?

You can listen to more I Love You Calls from Deb here.


You Don’t Need A Radio To Listen To Jason And Deb

Don’t forget, you can listen to us on your smart home assistant box thing (just tell Alexa and Google to play Jason and Deb). You can also stream us online or on your phone, OR just subscribe to our podcast.


NFL Pick’ems Are Back

Sign up to play this week’s NFL Pick’ems and you could win $100 from Bombshells Grill in Round Rock and a 12-pack of Bud Light from Jason’s vault!


Daily Morale Boosters

The only morale booster you need today is seeing Greg Norman’s dong… we mean dog.

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