Deb and Katy’s All Day Date!

katy and deb

On Sunday Deb and Katy had a wonderful all-day date. They started at around 11 am and hung out at Deb’s with the pets and had coffee. Eventually, they headed out to the gym for leg day. The gym that Deb goes to is like a miniature college campus, it’s huge! Katy had never done squats with a weighted bar so Deb had to give her some pointers. After several quats, Deb and Katy decided it was brunch time. They went to Freda’s Seafood Grille where they feasted on crab legs, peel and eat shrimp and a delicious white chocolate bread pudding. They ended their all-day date at the Alamo Drafthouse and saw Uncut Gems. After the Oscar nominations were announced today they both agree that Adam Sandler was robbed! Enjoy some pictures and a video tour of the aftermath of their crab feasting. 

Deb and Katy Day Date

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Deb and Katy
Crab legs!
Deb and Katy at Freda's
Katy going in
Deb's Crab pile
Katy eating the bread pudding
Katy and Kit

  • Deb and Katy
  • Crab legs!
  • Deb and Katy at Freda's
  • Katy going in
  • Deb's Crab pile
  • Dessert!
  • Katy eating the bread pudding
  • Katy and Kit

Deb and Katy’s Day Date!…
Working on our fitness!



Quien Es Mas Macho 

It’s no one’s favorite time of the week when we play Quien Es Mas Macho. This weekend, starting Friday night, listener Erin bought a bottle of vodka to ride out the storm while her boyfriend was out of town on a hunting trip. The following day she set up a meat grinder in her house so when her boyfriend came back with his game in order for them to process it. Jason went to New Orleans with Bumblina and Dave B. over the weekend. The weekend mostly consisted of the trio drinking and eating. One of the more “macho” yet borderline dangerous choices Jason made was wearing flip flops on Bourbon street. Even with all of the puke, pee and broken glass Jason remained fearless. 


Jason Did WHAT in NOLA?

So as you saw, Jason and Bumblina went to New Orleans over the weekend and Dave B. was with them. They shared an Air BnB which was all fine, the only downside was that the only bathroom was in the master bedroom. Meaning, even though Dave B. was on the couch, he had to go into Jason and Bumblina’s room to use the bathroom. Fortunately for them, the only time this was a problem was the last day when Dave B. needed to take a shower.  Jason didn’t know if it was acceptable for him to pee while his friend was in the shower so he used an alternative route. Jason decided to use a mason jar to relieve himself… whoever stays in that Air BnB next, maybe don’t use the mason jars. 



The organization “One Million Moms” is upset with Burger King for using the word “damn” in their advertisement. 

Gwenyth Paltrow’s brand Goop’s vagina scented candle sold out in hours. 

The 2020 Oscar Nominations are out. 



The Houston Texans lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, giving up a 24-0 lead. 

Julian Edleman was arrested after jumping on a person’s car. 



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