Dear Diary, Kit Got The Chop


Kitty Paradiso II, a.k.a. Kit, a.k.a. Kittle,  got neutered and he was feeling not super great after. It was a little pathetic but still cute. He needed to be comforted so he laid on his Mummy’s chest fully spread eagle. 


He was pretty drugged-out and didn’t know how to handle himself in the car on the way home from the vet.

Luckily he’s feeling better now and will heal just fine! Deb even brought Jason a gift, it is the holiday season after all. It’s kit’s little balls in a glass jar! 

Kit's balls

Thanks to Emancipet for taking care of Kit! 


Tesla Appreciation Honks 

Jason has been getting lots of attention on the road recently. It’s probably not for the best reasons. When Jason goes to play poker he has to make an elusive maneuver in order to get to the poker game. It involves driving across multiple lanes to get into a parking lot. To be fair, Jason would drive like this before he had the Tesla but he would never get honked at as he does now. Jason is convinced that because he has a Tesla more people are wanting to point out his driving mistakes. He wishes they were honks of appreciation for his Tesla but they are definitely not. 


The Best Christmas Songs


One of our news segments today covered some very great news. For the first time since it came out 25 years ago, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is #1 on the Billboard hot 100. This led us to a discussion about some of the best original Christmas songs or covers. These are our favorites! 

The OG iconic Mariah Song: 

Jason’s Pick: 

Deb’s Pick: 

Katy’s Pick:

Nick’s Most Hated Pick: 

He worked too many years of retail hearing it over and over again. 



Cam Soda released a vibrating bike seat that is compatible with the Peloton stationary bike and most other models. 

Here is a top 10 list of most downloaded apps of the decade. 



Drew Brees set the record for most career touch down passes, passing Peyton Manning who had previously held the record. 

Graham Harrell was being considered for a position at the University of Texas but is going to stay at USC. 




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