Dear Diary, It’s Time To Raise The Roof!


Deb met with some consultants over the weekend to talk about her homeowner’s insurance. It turns out that Deb had been paying way too much! Luckily they were able to figure out a way where Deb now is paying half of what she used to for homeowners insurance. Now she’s able to look ahead into building up a story on her house. She’s really excited about all the potential aspects of the addition and already has several Pinterest boards with ideas. One of her ideas includes putting a storage unit in her backyard. The only problem is that she would need to rent a crane in order to get it into her backyard. This inspired Jason to conceptualize his idea to put a pool house in his backyard. He would also need a crane for that. Hopefully, the pool house isn’t dropped on his house or IN the pool, which is unlikely unless he is operating the crane himself. We even called a crane rental company to get more info on actually renting a crane during the I Love You Call which you can listen to during the 9 AM Podcast.  

Sorority Intern’s Kid Wants Another

Jason and Deb’s former producer Cassandra has moved on since working on the show. She’s now a Mom to a lovely little girl. Her kid wishes she had more kids though. Check out the video where her little girl asks Casandra if she can find someone to marry at HEB. It’s a little sad at first, but it gets better. Plus, she’ll look back at it later on in life and laugh at the video. Asking your Mom to go meet a man at HEB to marry and have a baby brother or sister with is pure comedic gold! 


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