Big Game Prop Bets!

Super Bowl Team Helmets

Place your Big Game bets here! Answer all the questions, and the tiebreaker and send your bets to! Send your bets with ONLY the question and your lettered answer choice.

5. Jersey number of the first player to score the first touchdown
     c. 21-30

The winner will win Sturgill Simpson tickets! Good Luck! 


1. Who will win the game? 

a. Kansas City Chiefs 

b. San Fransisco 49ers 


2. How long will it take for Demi Lovato to sing the national anthem?

a. Over 2 mins

b. Under 2 mins


3. Length of final word ‘Brave’ during the national anthem

a. Over 5.5 secs

b. Under 5.5 secs


4. Which team will score first?

a. Kansas City Chiefs

b. San Fransisco 49ers 


5. Jersey number of first player to score the first touchdown

a. 1-10 

b. 11-20 

c. 21-30

d. 31-40 

e. 41-79 

f. 80-99 

g. No TD scored 


6. Number of Jennifer Lopez wardrobe changes

a. Over 2.5

b. Under 2.5


7. Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage (butt crack) during the halftime show? 

a. Yes

b. No 


8. Will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the halftime show?

a. Yes

b. No 


9. Total players with a pass attempt

a. Over 2.5

b. Under 2.5


10. Patrick Mahomes passing yards

a. Over 305.5

b. Under 305.5


11. Raheem Mostert rushing yards

a. Over 73.5

b. Under 73.5


12. How many commercials will include a dog? 

a. Over 3.5 

b. Under 3.5 


13. Who will be named MVP?

a. Patrick Mahomes

b. Jimmy Garoppolo 

c. Raheem Mostert 

d. Damien Williams 

e. George Kittle 

f. Emmanuel Sanders  

g. Travis Kelce 

h. Deebo Samuel 

i. Tyreek Hill Sammy Watkins 

j. Kendrick Bourne 

14. What color will the Gatorade shower for the winning coach be? 

a. Lime/Green/Yellow

b. Clear 

c. Any other color 


15. How many times will Donald Trump tweet on Super Bowl Sunday?

a. 0-6

b. 7-13

c. 14-20

d. 21+


Tie Breaker: 

What is the final score of the game? 

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