Baby Yoda Is The Content We Needed

baby yoda mandalorian

Deb gets it now, she gets the baby Yoda hype! Over the weekend Deb watched all 5 episodes of Mandalorian that are out on Disney +. She absolutely loves the show and thinks its a great spin-off. You don’t have to be super into Star Wars to enjoy. So wherever you are in the Star Wars saga the Mandalorian can stand on its own. She loved it so much that she was able to finish all of the available episodes in one sitting. The only downside is that she has to wait until Friday for a new episode. She loves baby Yoda, even when he’s pulling a Producer Katy and murdered a frog and ate it. Although Katy did accidentally murder a frog she thankfully did not eat it. Even if he was munching on a frog, we love Baby Yoda and hope for more Baby Yoda air time in the future. Disclaimer, we know it’s not actually THE Baby Yoda, but come on now… it’s Baby Yoda.

Squirrel Update 

Deb’s friend’s kid confirmed that they want the squirrel corpse for scientific purposes. This meant that Deb was going to have to transport the corpse. Even after triple bagging the squirrel, the stench of death was still seeping through. Before bringing it to her friend’s kid Deb stopped over at her friend Sam’s house. Deb forgot about the corpse she had waiting in her car until she got back in 3 hours later. Now the car still has the stench of death and she is needing a deep clean. From now on Deb will avoid transporting corpses in her car. 


Quien Es Mas Macho 

It’s no one’s favorite time of the week when we play Quien Es Mas Macho. This week Steve the listener repaired a bumper on his car and then coached a jiu-jitsu tournament. Jason went to Mr. C’s sad song karaoke party and Kung-Fu Katiy’s birthday celebration and of course, watched football. 



Here is the list of the top “drunkest” cities in America.

The actress from the viral Peloton ad is featured in an ad for Ryan Reynolds’ gin. 

Forbes released a list of the top-earning musicians of 2019. 



UT is going to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio vs. Utah. 

The Houston Texans were beaten by the Denver Broncos. 


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