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We talked about a new dating app for people who want to hook up with some either much younger or much older.  Both Jason and Deb have had some experience in this, Deb once dated a younger guy we referred to as her Millennial, and Jason had his Dream of the 90s, i.e. someone born after 1990.  Deb remembered how younger men are always, as she so eloquently put it, 'ready to lay some pipe.' Whereas Jason's Dream of the 90s convinced him to run through the rain, which resulted in him being out of breath when trying to make out afterwards in the car. He also revealed she once congratulated him during a post-coital moment by saying, "You did it!"  Check out the podcast to hear about their old flames... or would it be young flames?


What Has Jason Reeling Now?

We played The Setlist Game, also known as "$7 Worth of Hoobastank" and Jason had a bit of a rough time. Nick had last minute sabotaged Jason by swapping out Paramore for the Beastie Boys. He also chose to go with "Drops of Jupiter" for Train instead of "Meet Virginia", even though he swore he knew "Meet Virginia" was the number one answer.  He claimed it was the right move, but it cost him he led. He end up losing on the time break of how many times has Nine Inch Nails has played "Head Like A Hole." Spoiler alert, Jason undershot it by several hundred. The dismay of Jason is a must listen. 

Trapping Baby Sharks

By now you've surely heard the Baby Shark song, in fact you're probably sick of it by now. Well, perhaps you'll be interested in these remixes we've discovered. There's an emo remix made by a University of Texas student that's recently gone viral. There's also a metal version and even a trap version. Apparently you can trap anything.


C Of The Week

Today's C Of The Week came from one of Deb's favorite places to eat so we won't name names, but she was enjoying some happy hour sushi and got some bad sake toro.  If you're not into sushi, sake toro is a fatty salmon sashimi that is meant to melt in your mouth. Deb was disappointed when the consistency of this particular piece had her chewing on it like a dog toy. Deb's plate came with two pieces and when the waitress returned, Deb politely informed her what was up. Not a big deal, bad sushi can happen to the best of us, but when paying the bill she noticed while they took off the one piece she didn't eat, they charged her for the extra chewy one.  What's the proper restaurant etiquette on this one, did they get one over on Deb or should she just let it go?  Follow us on Twitter to let us know.


I Love You Call 

After Jason's "Meet Virginia" meltdown in the Set List game, it was only appropriate that Deb called Central Meats in Virginia. Deb inquired if they had sausages which a nice lady informed her of the multiple types of sausage. Deb lied and told her she was a big fan of the pork sausage.  Unfortunately while they seem to have all of the sausages they were all out of love for Deb and she only got a, 'you too'.


Chipotle is rolling out a new Queso they are wanting to make a permanent addition to the menu, Jason isn't quite sure if he'll like it if there aren't preservatives included.

An unknown songwriter accused Lady Gaga of stealing his song from 2012. Jason and Deb are #teamGaga and point out how similar chord progressions have been used for ages, included in that one 'Kansas' song. 



Robert Quinn, a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys, was suspended for PEDs.

If you're like Deb and love a good human element story in sports then you'll love the story of  Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi. He's an undrafted free agent who somehow talked his way into a tryout with the Cleveland Browns and then scored touchdown in his first NFL preseason game. 

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