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Who Wants To Be A Bali Millionaire?


Over the break Deb took a two-week vacation to Singapore with her niece Amy (aka Niece Denise).  She first told us about their stopover in Bali.  They stayed in an awesome Airbnb that was better than most hotels.  But the really awesome thing about Bali is that not only are things dirt cheap, but the currency, Rupiah has a ridiculous exchange rate compared to US dollars.  At one point Niece Denise took a picture of Deb holding 1.2 million Rupiah in her hand.  Unfortunately that equates to less than $90 in US dollars, but it still made for a baller Instagram picture. 





Jason mostly stayed in town during our latest vacation, but he did spend some time in Brownsville visiting his Dad’s side of the family.  Jason hasn’t been down there in years and thus many of his family members were meeting him for the first time.  Most of them were very elderly, but Jason particularly enjoyed his cousin Joey. Cousin Joey has done extensive research in the Dick family lineage, and took Jason on a tour through his house of all the family photos he’s collected over the years.  The highlight of which was a portrait of some fancy aristocrat ancestor that Cousin Joey had someone paint his head onto. According to Jason it was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.  Stay tuned because Jason is totally going to steal this baller move from Uncle Joey, and will soon have his own portrait of himself done up to look like a Spanish conquistador.





Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Deb also told us about how she managed to talk her way into the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. It’s a super fancy resort hotel that has a forest garden with trees that light up, a rooftop infinity pool, and even an underground shopping mall. Normally Deb would never have been able to afford to stay there, but luckily, Deb managed to become friends with a travelling businessman whose company booked him a room there. When he ended up leaving Singapore a day early, he gave Deb and Niece Denise his key cards, and they were able to spend a night there for free. Sometimes it pays to make friends with strangers in airport bars. 





Deb is currently suffering from her usual post-vacation sickness from spending so much time on airplanes, breathing everyone’s germs, so we called the Hartford Pharmacy in Connecticut to see if they had anything to kick start her immune system. Unfortunately they were just a small pharmacy, so they didn’t really carry any over-the-counter medicine, and recommended she try a CVS. To make things even worse, they practically hung up on her before she could even get out an I Love You.  Better luck next time Deb.





Today had dueling Warped Tour weekends.  Listener David started his weekend by volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank, before heading down to San Antonio for some Warped Tour action. Unfortunately David was less impressed by the bands than Jason was, and spent most of his time trolling SKA fans and showing kids what true punk rock is like in the mosh pit.  Jason spent Friday night in New Braunfels hanging with one of his friends. They were going to go down to the river and heckle the floaters who wipeout on the tube shoot, but there was some kind of chemical spill from a train and the river was closed.  Jason very much enjoyed the bands playing at the Warped Tour, but he determined he’s too old for it after how much his feet hurt from standing in the San Antonio parking lot all day where the festival was held.  Never mind that this is the last year the festival is traveling, Jason quit you Warped Tour, not the other way around.





Every day we let a listener challenge Jason in a trivia topic of their choice to see if they can outsmart the self-proclaimed smartest person you know. Today we had Hannah call in to challenge Jason on what state various landmarks were in.  Neither knew that the Oregon Trail started in Missouri, but Hannah got one correct by knowing that Cape Canaveral is in Florida.  Jason managed to tie the game by guessing the Hoover Dam straddled the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona, took home the victory in the tiebreaker by getting closer than Hannah to the height of the Hoover Dam.





While telling us about her Singapore vacation, Deb revealed that Niece Denise suffers from Irritable Bowl Syndrome. So we decided to quiz Deb about titles of metal songs that sound like they could be about IBS.  It makes sense if you listen to the podcast. Unfortunately she was tricked by the fake metal song title “Defiling The Chapel” and thought it was real, but she did know that “Until It Sleeps” was a Metallica song and “Symphony Of Destruction” was Megadeath.





Eight of the 12 boys have been rescued from the Thai cave, leaving four more boys and their youth soccer coach remaining.


Mark Zuckerberger is now the third-richest person alive, behind Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos of Amazon.


A new report claims Drake is responsible for 5% of Toronto’s tourism economy.





A Russian man has filed for divorce after arguing with his wife over whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the greatest soccer player alive.


Major League Baseball has released the All-Star Game rosters.


Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are supposedly working on a $10 million winner-take-all match.






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