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Who Is This Jason Dick Doppelgänger?

Lately Jason has been wearing a new Spurs hat that he specifically purchased to wear to the front. If you know the Dickman’s style, he’s usually a hat backwards type of guy, but with this hat he decided to switch it up. During the St. Patrick’s Day podcast, Jason wore his new forward hat backwards, and after looking at the photos he feels like he committed a fashion crime. According to Deb, a backwards cap defeats its purpose, but besides taking a “fashion risk” Jason said this cap is obviously supposed to go to the front.

Now this, is style. (According to Producer Nick.)

Nick wearing a hat to the side.



Dear Diary, Deb got screwed by all the bats this weekend. Since it was Deb’s San Antonio Guy’s first SXSW, she did most of the planning to make sure he attended all of the best events. Towards the end, he was interested in a “big” DC Comics SXSW anniversary celebration of Batman, and she figured it seemed cool, so they planned to check it out. After hours of waiting at the Congress Bridge to see the bats kick of the celebration, all they saw was a bunch of insects and a handful of real bats fly by. On top of that disappointment, when the DC Comics boat drove by, all they did was flash the Batman emblem. So much for a big SXSW anniversary celebration of Batman! From a measly Batman logo to a handful of “iconic” flying bats, it’s safe to say Deb got-got.



This may be a potential first for the segment, because in today’s situation Jason might be the A-Hole. After Jason was done SXSW-ing last Thursday, he called an Uber with just one percent battery. He had just enough time to peek at the car model, and with SXSW designated pickup zones and confirmation it was on the way before his phone died, he assumed he was good to go. Well, the Uber never came and he later learned he was charged a $5 cancelation fee. Jason also ended up having to take a cab home. Although Jason’s phone was dead, he fulfilled his end of the bargain, so who do you think was the A-Hole in this situation?



Today we called The Bacon Barn in Londonderry, NH to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they had any pancakes and bacon, and turns out they were a classic diner so they had all the breakfast items Deb could think of. Too bad The Bacon Barn was out of love today, because Deb got butt-slammed. 



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MySpace has just announced that all audio, video, and photos uploaded between 2003 and 2015 are lost due to a botched "server migration project."

A recent survey revealed the top ten best chain restaurants in America. The top five were Chick-fil-A, Wendy's, Five Guys, Subway, and Dairy Queen.

Little Caesars announced the return of their bacon wrapped deep dish pizza with early access for customers who order using the Little Caesars app.


We used the width of Deb’s arms to measure out three and a half feet and yeah, that’s a lot of bacon.


Tom Brady autograph prices.

A Tom Brady signed Patriots mini-helmet will reportedly cost $1,079.

One in five Americans will reportedly gamble on March Madness this year.

Uber Eats is giving away twenty dollars in free food if a 16-seed beats a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament this week.


Photo Credit: TMZ Sports 

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