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Who Isn't The A-Hole?

On Fridays we normally have Deb’s C of The Week, but with her being out for an emergency with Braidy, Jason has a Who’s The A-hole situation where he’s not sure who’s at fault. Surprise, it involves Producer Nick.

This morning before the show Nick told Jason he was playing trivia with his roommates last night and started spilling the beans. First, he revealed they had plans to go to Schlitterbahn, one of Jason’s favorite places, without him. Nick did add in a “not to start drama” disclaimer, but to their defense Jason said their Schlitterbahn plans did abide by their usual roommate group activity dynamic.

Jason wasn’t mad about being left out. If you know him, he’s not easily offended, plus at least he was invited to fill in on their BADMOVIE podcast coming up. Now this is where it gets sticky, Nick then dropped the second ball that Dave B was actually his roommates’ first choice. Nick wasn’t blatantly trying to get Jason all riled up, but after roasting pretty much everyone in his cirlcle of friends C Of The Week style, he was clearly reeling big time. Who do you think is the A-Hole? 



Jason, Deb and quiet company in studio. Quiet Company Band joined us in studio today to discuss their upcoming show at Empire Garage. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Weezer’s “Blue” album with Quiet Company tomorrow, July 20th at Empire!

Stay up to date with Quiet Company’s upcoming performances, and get your tickets to see them in concert at www.quietcompanymusic.com.



Today we called The Senator Spa in Augusta, ME to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they did deep tissue and Swedish massages for herself and a co-worker, and The Senator Spa was happy to fit Deb in for a duo massage. They even had bubbles for Deb, so you know The Senator Spa said I Love You Too. 


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