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Where Does That Button Come From?

Have you always been curious to know where some of your favorite “buttons” or sound effects on the Jason and Deb show come from? With Jason and Deb’s alternative bracket of buttons underway, we took a walk down memory lane with a few video clips of button origins.


Check out the videos below! 



Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - 'You Are A Huge Nerd'


Nick Interruption


This Is Not Good Radio


You’re Not Shooting That Right Dummy


We’re Not Detroit


Ooh F Yeah Bud


Wow, You Must Be Rich


Don’t Tell Anyone How Bad I Look Naked


Fingers Too Fat To Dial


Marshawn Lynch


Kevin The Goat


I Know It


Let’s Proceed As If This Is Going Well

Click Here to see the video. (3:49 into the clip)

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