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What's In Your Stuffing?

Today is the first day back after the Thanksgiving holiday, all of us had some much needed time with our families and we hope the same for you! We talked about Thanksgiving foods and Nick had some very controversial stances. Deb had to stop him mid-conversation because he mentioned that his family was a wet stuffing family. Deb had never heard of “wet stuffing” and had only had stuffing that was dry. She imagined that wet stuffing would be like a soup texture, which Nick claims to be the best. Deb still isn’t quite sure about it and will keep making her dry veggie version of a typical Thanksgiving stuffing. Let us know what your family does, are you a dry or wet family or are you like Deb and have never heard of wet stuffing?


Deb's Got an Achy Breaky Neck! 

Deb has an achy neck so she went to see Ron the Buttman last week. It didn't improve and got worse to where she almost drove herself to the ER last night because her neck hurt so bad! She had plans to rake up all the leaves in her yard this weekend but couldn’t do anything but lay on the couch. She took some muscle relaxers but fell immediately asleep so that helped somewhat. Maybe it’s a disc issue but either way, her neck hurts! She’s going back to Ron the Buttman today so hopefully, she’s better tomorrow! 


Quien Es Mas Macho 

It’s no one’s favorite time of the week when we play Quien Es Mas Macho. This week the listener did some pretty macho stuff. Cole told us that he helped his mom make some dishes for Thanksgiving, built some IKEA furniture and tailgated for the UT game. He even went mountain biking during his weekend. On the other hand, Jason slept till noon every day, watched football as per usual and finally was able to watch the Irishman. Jason was pretty impressed with the CGI effects that made Robert De Niro look younger but wondered why they made his eyes extremely blue. Jason wasn’t too macho because he did have to pause the movie a few times for bathroom and snack breaks. 


Baby Yoda... just because. 

baby yoda
Source- GIPHY 



This year’s Black Friday had the most revenue in history. 

Pete Davidson had fans sign a $1M non-disclosure agreement before watching his stand-up routine. 

Josh Brolin tried to tan his butt and wasn’t a fan. 



The Cincinnati Bengals finally won meaning a man in Indiana can stop living on his roof. 

The University of Texas’ defensive coordinator was fired. 

Texans beat the Patriots and used a trick play during the game.

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