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What's a Gerry?

It’s been awhile since Deb saw P.S. I Love You but will never forget Gerard Butler’s character, Gerry. He’s so romantic, thoughtful, caring, will do anything for his wife and is the ideal man. Deb has been looking for her “Gerry” and you probably have heard her ask “where’s my Gerry?” Because he’s such a great guy, he serves as a great role model for eligible bachelors everywhere. So, that’s why Jason thinks he's a “Gerry”, because he’s sweet and romantic. 


Today we are throwing it back to 2008 when Jason was hired to be a stripper for a listener's bachelorette party. His drunken alter ego, Dwayne was present and thriving. There was little left to the imagination as Jason was sporting a black leather speedo with bright red fake wang attached. With the highly anticipated UT vs. LSU game coming up this weekend, Jason might have to try stripping again for these pricey tickets! 


Twitter Game

Today we played the Twitter game for the last time ever so we decided to use some local “celebrities” tweets: Jason, Deb and Nick’s! It was pretty easy discerning who tweeted what, especially when Jason laughed way too hard you can tell that was one of his tweets. 


A man in Florida parked his Smart Car in his kitchen so it won’t blow away during hurricane Dorian. 

A bride told her bridesmaids they could wear whatever they wanted and her Maid of Honor showed up to the wedding in an inflatable T-Rex costume

A new study found that using mouthwash could hinder the effects of exercise.  



Antonio Brown was fined $54,000 for missed time in the Raider’s training camp.

Seat Geek asked fans what they looked forward to when going to games, including how clean the bathrooms are. 

About 15% of American adults will gamble on at least one NFL game this season.

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