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What Happened At Jason’s Pool Party?

Just to give you a little clue on what was to come at Jason’s party, the pool party started at 1pm and Deb found an unresponsive Jason Dick at 3pm.

The first thing Deb saw when she walked into the party was what seemed to be Jason leaning against a hot tub standing in the pool, but at this point it was actually just his drunken alter ego Dewayne. Jason’s memory also let him to the same predicament by 3pm. The last thing he remembered was waking up and cleaning to get ready for the big bash, and his friend Gill handing him a pre party shot of Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Whiskey.

The big question at the party was what happened to Jason? On top of being completely done in the first few hours, Jason was also somehow bleeding. Thanks to efforts from Deb, Dave B and Kenny, they were able to carry to Dickman to his bed so he napped away some of the Cinerator’s unpleasant effects.

Jason also remembers (vaguely) Deb and another friend trying to wake him up a couple hours later to enjoy the rest of the party, but while Dewayne was sound as sleep, he missed out on a fun diving competition and the pizza bought from money Nick found in his wallet. At least this year he didn’t crush a toilet.  


Click here to listen to the Jason, Deb and Producer Nick try to piece together the whole story on the 7am podcast.



When Deb is gone, Blue boy sometimes gets a little anxious so he is known to eat his way through things or open up windows to get out of the house. Now that there’s a small cat in the house, Deb ordered Blue a doggy door from Amazon so George the cat won’t be able to escape. Although, when the door came in, Deb realized she was going to need some professional help to install the door, so who else to call but friend and listener, Davis The Door Guy. After measuring the door for perfect fit for Blue, Deb even assisted in helping out and cutting some of the boards herself and overall she was glad she did because it was a good time and the door came out perfect. Although the door was flawlessly installed, as soon as Blue gave it a try for fit, George somehow figured it out and he was able to escape through the door. Looks like its back to the drawing board for Deb.


Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Door

1 of 4
Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
  • Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
  • Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
  • Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
  • Deb And Davis The Door Guy Install A Doggy Doo
Deb and Davis The Door Guy
Job well done Deb and Davis.


Find more photos and videos of the process, and Blue and George trying out the door here.



Today we called Superior Pawn and Gun in Virginia Beach to find it what it will take for Deb to get a gun. Superior Pawn and Gun informed Deb all she needed was a state driver’s license to be eligible and they even had a tons of glocks and range for Deb to practice. Although it was easy for Deb to find out how to get a gun it wasn’t as easy for her to get an I Love You Too. At least Superior Pawn and Gun told Deb likewise. That counts, right?


Are You Smarter Than Jason DickListen to how today’s listener beat Jason three to zip in TV siblings trivia. 

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football Listen to today’s fantasy football terms and stuff trivia.

Whose Tweet Is It Anyways – Celebrity Nerds Edition featuring Stephen Colbert, Zachary Levi and Patten Oswalt.



On today’s news Jason and Deb discussed a Virginia shoe store that has had two separate beak-ins this summer where thieves only stole right-footed shoes, a truck full of Axe Body Spray exploding on Interstate 35 in Belton, Texas, and a Minnesota man busted for attempting to burglarize lumber from a farm after his getaway car got stuck into a pile of manure.



Texas at the University of Maryland

On today’s sports Jason and Deb discussed Texas’s twenty-nine to twenty-four loss against Maryland in the season opener and Tom Herman’s “Of Mice and Men” description of the team’s performance in the first quarter.

They also brought up Brent Musburger’s creepy welcome tweet to A.J. McCarron’s wife.



Jason and Deb fantasy football draft

This morning, the Jason and Deb fantasy football draft order was selected.

The order as selected were:

1st Gill

2nd Punk

3rd Doug

4th Stac

5th Dennis

6th Nick

7th Paden

8th Jason

9th Claw

10th Derek  

11th Thomas  

12th Deb

13th Zach

14th Parker

15th Massey

16th Nigel


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