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Well, There's Your Problem

Jason’s AC was no match for a summer in Texas. While Jason was down in the valley, his roommate advised him the air was broken. He sent out AC repair man number one and a couple days later, it was still was not fixed. A second guy came out, and this was the repair man Jason wanted originally, but the same thing happened. He also said there was a bigger issue going on and quoted Jason several thousand dollars. Jason just thinks his AC line is frozen, and magically after receiving the thousand dollar quote, it has been working flawlessly. After two repair men, should Jason cancel the third? He already scheduled AC repair man number three to come out today, but according to Jason the AC fixed itself.



After a week-long of coughing and trying to recover from her Singapore vacation, Deb is out sick. So, Jason and Producer Nick held down the fort for today’s show. We hope you get well soon, Deb!



After hanging out at Jason’s pool all day Sunday, Producer Nick and Jason ran into each other at H-E-B and it got weird. Since they had already been hanging out earlier, they were both unprepared for a second meet up and grocery store small talk. Jason normally likes to be informed when he is seen, but at this point he was in grocery mode. They had an awkward chat for a while and after already seeing each other twice in one day before having to work with each other the next morning, they both agree next time they’ll just avoid the awkwardness.  


Photo of H-E-B grocery store storefront



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Listener Allen hung out with some friends and drank all Friday night, built a deck and caught a rattle snake. Jason played in The Lodge Poker tournament and went out drinking with some friends who came into town. He finished the weekend by getting wasted by four Saturday afternoon. Sunday, he threw a pool party for Dave B’s wife and awkwardly ran into Producer Nick at the grocery store. Jason did not encounter any wild animals or impress a lady during his weekend, so Nick determined he was not mas macho. A listener also weighed in and voted that we’ve all heard Jason’s weekend long of drinking stories too many times before. So, listener Allen won. Tune in next Monday at 7:45am if you think you can out macho the Dickman.



Deb was out sick today, so we played a classic I Love You Call. It was the time we called Gurski and D'Agostino Denistry in Reading, Pennsylvania to find a dentist who would be gentle with Deb’s mouth. Check out the 9am podcast to hear if they had any gentle dentists, and said I Love You Too.  



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick



This summer, Jason and Deb are partnering with Bikes for Goodness Sake to help create a lifelong memory for a child. For the last 8 years, the charity has worked with hundreds of sponsors to build and donate thousands of bikes to kids - and Jason and Deb hope to add to those numbers in 2018!


Jason and Deb's Bike Drive Header benefiting bikes for goodness sake


Click this link to learn more about how you can help!



Following her arrest, adult film actress Stormy Daniels will not be able to allow any motor boating at her next strip club appearance.

Amazon’s third annual Prime Day started today.

Drinking chocolate milk after a strenuous workout may be better than sports drinks for exercise recovery. This also brought up a conversation about malk. Listeners tweeted photos @JasonAndDeb to help explain what malk is. 





France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win its second World Cup title.


Image of Putin under umbrella during the 2018 World Cup finals


Paris police arrested one hundred and two people after World Cup celebrations turn violent.

Tony Romo wins the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament.

Novak Djokovic earned his first Grand Slam title by beating Kevin Anderson to win his fourth Wimbledon championship.

France’s Antoine Griezmann celebrates his World Cup Final goal with Fortnite’s ‘Take the L’ dance.




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