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Venus Fly Trap's Day Out

Deb went to Home Depot this weekend looking to buy some wire fence so Alfie can't escape from the yard, and came out with an unexpected surprise.  Her San Antonio guy found some Venus fly traps and Deb thought they were so cool that she had to bring one home with her.   The only problem is they weren't going home immediately.  First, she went to the gym and her new Venus fly trap waited in her locker while she finished her work out. After that, it went into the revolving sushi place with them. Deb is notoriously bad at keeping plants alive, but maybe getting one that can feed itself will help turn her brown thumb green. 

Who’s The A-Hole 

So this Who's the A-hole doesn't actively involve anyone on the show, but something happened to one of Jason's couple friends during a beach trip to the gulf coast and we want to know what you guys think.  They were part of a big group sharing a beach house, and someone bought a hunk of beef tenderloin to throw on the grill.  A second couple asked if they could borrow some beef tenderloin to make some fancy bacon-wrapped meat kebabs. After everyone had finished their kebabs they announced they hadn't used any of the beef for the kebabs and it was actually bear meat.  Turns out they were hunters and had somehow bagged a bear and thought this was a good way to have everyone try it. Is this an acceptable practice or is it an A-Hole move to trick someone into unknowingly eating exotic meat?

Paid To Go To Schlitterbahn

After years of asking, it finally happened for Jason.  This weekend he got paid to go to Schlitterbahn.  101X had a promotional event at the hottest coolest time in Texas on Saturday and Jason decided to take his mom, sister, nephew, and his nephew's friends.  Jason almost enjoyed having to act like a fake dad to a bunch of kids, until it came time to leave and all the kids begged to go on one more ride.  Jason ended up waiting for over an hour before his nephew and friends finally came out.  Of course Jason wasn't upset it took them that long, just that if he had known, he could have hung out at the bar by the exit instead of in the parking lot.  Check out the pictures of Jason riding the SkyCoaster and demonstrating he's still the Boogie Bahn master.

I Love You Call

Deb called Bill’s Bar and Burger in New York City to inquire if they had any vegetarian burgers.  She's been wanting to try Burger King's new impossible burger since they came out last week. Stephanie answered and informed Deb they had Beyond burgers, which were good enough for Deb. She even asked if Deb wanted to make a reservation for lunch. Unfortunately she had reservations when it came to giving Deb an I Love You. Buttslammed! 


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced they are splitting up after only 8 months of marriage.  Soon after Italian paparazzi found Miley making out with another woman on a boat in Italy. 

Be aware, due to avocado shortages some restaurants have been caught making counterfeit guacamole made out of calabacitas, a type of Mexican squash! 

Natty Light it getting into the seltzer game with two different flavors, Aloha Beaches and Catalina Lime Mixer. 


Simone Biles made history when she was the first woman to land a triple double during a recent floor routine.

Antonio Brown of the Oakland Raiders is threatening to quit football unless he is able to wear his old helmet. 


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