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UT Announces “Fan First” Reduced Concessions Prices For This Upcoming Season

Vice President and Athletics Director Chris Del Conte announced today that University of Texas Football fans will enjoy reduced concessions prices at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium this season. The new "fan first" menu lowers food and beverage prices by an average of thirty percent on ten of the most popular game day concession items.

Check out what the new "fan first" menu will include!



If you're prepping for your fantasy football draft and upcoming season, but you haven't found that perfect name for your team, USA Today has come up with the perfect list.

1. Garoppolypse Now

2. Hey Darnold!

3. A Song of Fire and Guice

4. The Guice is Right

5. Guice Guice Baby

6. A Kiss from a Rosen

7. Saquontum Leap

8. Easy Drake Oven

9. Baker Mayfields Forever

10. Spice Gurley

11. Childish Grahambino



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