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Toll Tags Are For The Suburbs

As part of her MaJourney, Deb is doing a lot of driving around town.  She frequently has to go from Georgetown to Westlake and is tired of the traffic on the highway. The other day she even got stuck behind a house being moved on a truck. She’s avoided getting a toll tag in the past, but is tired of having to pay off the bills they mail her when she does use the toll road. So she finally did it, she signed up for a toll tag. The only problem now is she’s worried everyone will see it on her windshield and think she’s from the suburbs. The one good thing is that it helps cover up the cracks in her windshield that Blue made.




Newsflash, Jason depends on his mom’s help for a lot.  Today she was helping him file the protest on his property taxes. Jason asked us all to please ask little baby Jesus for good luck for his appointment today. She’s been pretty successful at saving him money in the past, so we all thought she should be getting some kind of commission.  Unfortunately, it turns out Mama Dick was a day early, and the appointment is not until tomorrow. Go ahead and make fun of Jason for letting his mom do all of his stuff, he said it’s okay.




Today we somehow got on the subject of American Ninja Warrior.  Surprise, surprise, Jason was not impressed with people that go on it, and brought up an old SNL sketch making fun of contestants on the show. Deb, of course, revealed she’s extremely impressed by people athletic enough to do things like this and parkour. She even knew about a gym here in town that teaches kids how to be little American ninjas.  We all know Jason would never go on American Ninja Warrior, but if he did we're pretty sure it would look something like the time he tried to walk on stilts.






Today we called Coffee Roasters in downtown Indianapolis to see if they had any bullet proof coffee. The woman who answered said they did not have any bullet proof coffee but she did have fresh roasted beans and breakfast burritos. NOT tacos. Sadly, Coffee Roasters had no love for Deb, but they did leave us debating what is a breakfast burrito and what is a breakfast taco.  So we have that at least.




Also known as the TV Guide game, Nick reads the TV Guide description of a movie and Jason and Deb buzz in when they think they know the answer. Listener Brian wanted some of that Deb O’Keefe and Glen went with Jason. Deb chimed in early on Babe: Pig In The City, but Nick wouldn’t give her credit for just saying Babe 2.  Before Deb was able to get too upset with Nick, she managed to get back to even with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and took home the victory by getting Royal Tennenbaums on the final one.




Every day we let a listener challenge Jason in a trivia topic of their choice to see if they can outsmart the self-proclaimed smartest person you know. During today’s episode listener Marco picked the category famous celebrities who voiced popular video games. Marco was able to guess that Destiny was the game Bungie made after the Halo series, and Jason was able to guess that Gary Oldman was the Oscar-winning English actor who was in Call Of Duty.  In the tiebreaker Marco totally redeemed himself by knowing that Fallout 3 starts off in Vault 101.  Congrats Marco!




Every day we ask Deb questions about a random topic for a listener’s chance to win tickets. Today’s topic was Wes Anderson movie trivia. Listener Christina guessed Deb would know the first two answers but Deb let her down both times. For showing so much faith in Deb, we let Christina go all or nothing on the last question.  This time she guessed Deb would not know the first Wes Anderson movie with Bill Murray, which Deb knew was Rushmore.  Tough break for Christina.





The hot trend in cocktails is using a little blossom called a "buzz button" that makes your mouth numb.  Apparently it helps bring out the flavors in the drinks and it's already gone mainstream. TGI Friday's has a new drink that uses it.


A coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia just started serving coffee with a special broccoli powder mixed in.  It has the equivalent of five servings of vegetables and, apparently you can really taste the broccoli flavor.



Samantha Bee has apologized once again for calling Ivanka Trump the C-word.  On her show last night, she said she's used the C-word in an attempt to "reclaim it," but that she hurt a lot of women when she used it as an insult.  She said she doesn't want her show to hurt anyone except Ted Cruz.


Somebody posted a video of police cars pursuing an armored personnel carrier that basically looked like  a tank.  Turns out it was stolen by an Army National Guard officer under the influence of drugs. He eventually turned himself in and no one was injured.






Golden State Warriors won 110 to 102 against the Cleveland Cavaliers to take a 3:1 lead in the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant had one of the best games of his career. Poor Lebron James.


More than 70,000 Capitals fans tried to get tickets to the Stanley Cup Game 5 viewing party in Washington D.C.


We discovered more details on Alex Ovechkin's unwavering commitment to chicken parmesan as his pre-game meal.




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