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You’re Not A Real 2X Guy, Don’t Be That Guy. Jason is aware he has “loosened up” in recent years, but you may remember he told us about a recent underwear shopping spree where he considered going up a size. The new underwear he purchased are a bit… tight in some parts, so he brought in his old undies and new pair to compare the sizes. Although we’re proud of Jason for making an effort to get rid of his old, warn briefs, after seeing the size of his new under pants Deb understands why he’s been so cranky today. It’s safe to say Jason’s new tighty-whities are nowhere near a traditional 2X, but somehow Jason still managed to make them fit. Don’t worry, the undies he brought in today were clean-ish. Jason is sure he is still just a 2X, so don’t be That Guy.



Today Deb called up to Three Cats Café in Clawson, Michigan to ask if she was allowed to bring her cat since she just rescued a kitten. Although the establishment is called “Three Cats Café,” feline friends aren’t actually allowed. Deb apologized for her “dumb question” but she just really loves cats! It seems cats aren’t the only thing the café was lacking because she got butt-slammed!



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