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Ticking Vomit Time Bomb

Comedian Doug Mellard joined us in studio, and Jason and Doug took part in an unspoken contest of who is going to puke first. Today’s show already had everyone feeling a bit queasy after Doug mentioned he was feeling nauseous from a hangover and Jason saying he felt like he was going to vomit. Or maybe it was Deb talking about the piece of femur bone removed from her old dog Piggy and leftover skin from her scar removed by Restora that she saved for Jason that triggered a full reversal.

Deb holding her old bones and skin from Restora

Other than vomit, Jason and Deb discussed Doug’s honeymoon to Thailand where he saw a “ping pong show” and all male cabaret where a guy caught himself on fire. We also discussed the release of Doug’s album Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder coming out this Friday and tonight’s 8pm showcase at the Cap City Comedy Club.

Check out Doug’s new album Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder before it’s released, on iTunes. For more information about the album and Doug’s upcoming shows, visit his website at  http://dougmellard.com/ 



When Deb was leaving her house, she noticed the gas light was on but she hadn’t driven much lately, and didn’t notice the day before. She pulled into the first gas station she saw and filled up, but again when she got on the road she realized the light was still on. Just thinking the error was just the pump, or that gas station and surely not her newer model car, she tried again but the same issue occurred.

She would expect that with a classic car, but was surprised her infinity is causing her issues. After a cracked windshield to all of the things falling off from damages and Blue, Deb sees her broken gas gauge as the ultimate sign that she needs a new car.



I Lost Something, It Must Be Stolen Guy. Don’t be That Guy. On yesterday’s show, Deb accused one of Jason’s friends of stealing her glasses at his pool party on Sunday. Jason thought she may have just misplaced her glasses somewhere, but she insisted that they had to have been stolen because the last place she saw them was at his pool party. Deb’s hunch wasn’t too far off, and thanks to Mama Dick keeping up with them, she discovered the glasses were just under a chair outside by the pool.

Deb discovering her glasses also reminded Jason of the time when he had a house warming and Deb thought her purse was stolen, but it just ended up being on the balcony. So this isn’t Deb’s first tme being That Guy. Well, good thing Deb accepts that she is indeed That Guy, because that earring she also thought disappeared from Jason’s pool showed up at her house yesterday.  



Today we called Freedom Boat Club to see if they had any wakesurf boats for Deb to rent. Freedom Boat Club informed Deb they were only a members club, but they did have boats for Deb to rent. Deb did all she could to get in good. The employee and Deb even bonded over sharing the same name as her cat George, but unfortunately Freedom Boat Club didn’t have any room in their club for an I Love You Too.



Every Wednesday we take it back and read some old tweets from the Dickman’s past. Today’s tweet was apparently “Jason’s funniest tweet ever”.



Are You Smarter Than Jason DickListen to today’s name that famous novel based on its characters trivia. 

You AutoComplete Me – Think you can guess what Google’s search engines will auto suggest? Listen to today’s Google Game and play along.  

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football – During today’s DDKS about her own fantasy football team trivia featured special guest Doug Mellard. Click here to listen to the full game. 



On today’s news, Jason and Deb discussed a Montana restaurant that offers your age as a percent-off if you eat there on your birthday and the woman who just turned one-hundred and nine and took full advantage of her free meal and cash back.

We also discussed Amazon becoming a trillion dollar company, and Kanye West “in talks” to be creative director at the first annual 2018 Pornhub awards after his Jimmy Kimmel Live interview.



On today’s sports, Jason and Deb discussed the video of a woman caught dunking her chicken tenders into her coke at the U.S open, Nike’s new 30th anniversary ad featuring Colin Kaepernick that has protesters destroying their Nike shoes, and Texas’s failure to make the AP Top 25 Poll nor place amongst the nineteenth others, after their lost against Maryland.



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