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There's A Cat In The Bath

It was getting towards Deb’s bedtime, so she drew up her customary night time bath. Deb was hanging out in the living room with Blue and George, and has a giant tub that takes a while to fill up, so she usually goes back in forth to watch TV in between filling the bath with hot and cold water. While she was filing up the bath, George, being the cool and adventurous cat he is, jumped up on the side ledge of the tub. It’s pretty impressive a just barely four week old George was brave enough to even reach the ledge or jump up to explore the tub, but Deb sometimes lets George play around when its empty, so this wasn’t anything new for George.

While Deb was watching TV waiting for the bath to fill up, she heard an odd noise coming from the bathroom and it was none other than George. He fell in the tub! Deb ran into the bathroom to a soaked and distraught George, and wet cat footprints leading from the tub. After she grabbed a towel to dry him off, he immediately went to big brother Blue to cuddle up for warmth and some emotional support. Looks like baths won’t be a part of adventure George’s excursions.  

If you like cats and watching them do cute and funny stuff on the internet, Deb recommends you should follow Iammoshow on Instagram.



Could it be possible that Jason’s bone structure has changed his face and is forming into an under bite? Jason has been waking up in the middle of the night and feels like his teeth are starting to stick out. He can chew just fine and there is no problem there, but his DQA is if it’s possible to gain an under bite in your sleep. Deb thinks it may just be the way he sleeps or the fact that he doesn’t still use his Invisalign, but Jason is convinced his face is broken.   



Yesterday Deb went to her local HEB to grab a premade Cesar salad. While she was looking at the back to check the ingredients like always, she noticed there was no salad dressing in the package. She looked around and thought about stopping one of the employees to ask why it doesn’t have a dressing, and she saw underneath there were cups of dressing with a sign over that said they were three for a dollar. Well, Deb did something out of character and then put the dressing in her purse and stole it! The salad was a bargain, but what’s a Cesar salad without the Cesar dressing?



Today we called Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums in Boston, MA. Deb started off the conversation by asking if Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums would be a good idea for bachelorette party looking for other things to do besides drink and they said it would be a lot of fun and great way for the group to get to know more of the area. Deb said she would run her plan by her girls and although Boston Tea Party Ships was sure the girls would have fun, they were only able to say absolutely back to Deb when she said I Love You. There was no love for Deb today.



Are You Smarter Than Jason DickListen to today’s throwback Thursday number one songs of the sixties trivia. 

Rotten Tomatoes Game Play along and listen to the full game.

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football – During today’s “Why is that NFL player not playing in NFL week one?” trivia, Deb had to guess if the players mentioned were injured, suspended or not on an NFL team right now. Click here to listen to today’s game.



Jason and Deb discussed a New York City pizzeria called “Lions & Tigers & Squares”, that uses spicy mustard instead of pizza sauce on their pizza, Roy Moore suing Sacha Baron Cohen for ninety-five million dollars over 'defamatory' “Who Is America” stunt, and Merriam-Webster adding eight-hundred new words to the dictionary. Some of Jason and Deb’s favorite new additions to the dictionary were:  Hangry, guac, rando, instagramming, bingeable, adorbs and TLDR.


See the Sacha Baron Cohen “Who Is America” prank below.


Check out the spicy mustard pizza sauce for yourself.



Nike's Colin Kaepernick voices 'Just Do It' ad billboard campaign

On today’s sports, Jason and Deb discussed tonight’s NFL Kickoff Game featuring last season’s superbowl champions, Philadelphia Eagles, hosting the Atlanta Falcons, Colin Kaepernick's controversial voices 'Just Do It' ad to air during NFL's kick-off game, and Le'Veon Bell's holdout approaching a deadline that could cost him eight-hundred and fifty-two thousand dollars a week.



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