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A Tenacious Wingman

Last night Jason and Nick went to see Tenacious D. At first it was a toss-up to if they would actually go because Jason feels like he is getting old and would rather stay at home. Eventually, they convinced themselves to go and it was worth it. Jason even tried to be a good wingman for Nick. When she would sing along and try and get Jason to join, Jason says he would “suddenly not know the words.” Nick says the girl he brought is just a friend and it would have been fine for Jason to join in the sing-along. All around it was a great time with good friends but the friend situation seems a little questionable. Is Jason getting ahead of himself and making it awkward by trying to be an amazing wingman or is he just being a good friend?


Just Chillin’ Y’all

You can check it out in the 7am Podcast but during the Apple Music Game, Jason started reeling. He realized the station isn’t playing the new Jimmy Eat World single. He even had a talking to the boss about it. If you would like to have input on what we play on the station, fill out this form to see if you qualify for our listener advisory board! 


C of the Week

Even though Deb loves this person, they are this week’s C of the week. Niece Denise went back to England and Deb is really sad about it. She loved having her in town because they got to do so many fun things around town together. Deb thinks of Niece Denise as a little sister and is going to miss her dearly. She’s the C of the week because she left Deb all alone. Don’t go back to the UK Niece Denise, stay here forever! 


Jason and Deb Review Things 



Air BnB is listing a Malibu Barbie Dream House for only $60 a night. 

The Lighthouse comes to theatres this weekend and apparently there is a mermaid sex scene. 

The Pittsburgh airport is having a lost-and-found auction.

Lady Gaga fell off stage with a fan during one of her Las Vegas shows. 



Astros beat the Yankees going 3-1 in the ALCS. Game 5 is tonight. 

Texas plays Kansas this weekend. 

Patrick Mahomes dislocated his knee cap during Thursday Night Football.

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