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Tales Of Skrimps, Riblets And Costco


Jason and producer Nick went to Applebee’s to all you can shrimp, tenders and riblets on Friday, and they’re back with the results. Usually this segment is supposed to be about celebrating great acts of gluttony, but Jason feels like he and Nick stopped a bit short of full on gluttony.

Pro tip: Every refill comes with fries and slaw, but if you’re doing it right you won’t fill up on the fries.

Health Update: For a New Year’s health resolution no worries, Nick got veggies and had the slaw, and Jason had a diet coke. Well done boys.



No, this isn’t a new segment where Deb talks about all of the cool things she and her San Antonio Guy found at Costco. Although, she did go down to San Antonio this weekend and they did go to Costco. After discovering a pack of sixty-four bars that come out to costing eight cents apiece- there’s no turning back. Deb O’Keefe is a Costco girl.


Deb with George and the Huskies. Also, since Deb’s San Antonio Guy was dog sitting two Huskies she took George and Alfie down for a play date. To sum it up, George was being a bully and the Huskies ended up chasing him up a tree.

Check out the video below.





CLICK HERE for more pictures and videos of Deb's weekend. 



Every Monday we test Jason’s manliness by comparing his weekend to a listener’s. Today’s listener was Anthony, and over the weekend he put up some drunk drywall, took his girlfriend to the emergency room and “just rode some moto cross”.

Jason started off his weekend with all you can eat skrimp, tenders and riblets with producer Nick, but of course he spent the night with a perfectly cooked steak because he’s a sous-vide guy now. Saturday he hosted a diaper poker party at his house, and Sunday was football at Kenny’s then he saw an set of Bayside.  

We decided to take a poll this week to get an official say on Quien Es Mas Macho, and the listener won by a landslide.



Today we called Ray’s Café & Tea House in Philadelphia, PA to see if Deb could get them to say I Love You Too. During Friday’s I Love You Call to “Penn Mac”, Rico gave Ray’s Café a great recommendation, but it must have just been for the mac and not love because Deb got butt-slammed.



Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick- Play along and listen to today’s historical blunders trivia.  

Does Deb Know Stuff About Football- Listen to today’s “What had happened was…” divisional record of the playoffs trivia. 



A woman has been banned from Walmart for riding a motorized shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

Kanye West dropped out of Coachella after demanding a giant dome to perform.  

Megyn Kelly leaves NBC with all of her $69 million contract intact.

Billy Bush is in talks to return to TV on ‘Extra’ as it moves to Fox.

Emails reveal Louis C.K. may have given chef Sarma Melngailis an STD.



The Philadelphia Eagles won 14-20 against the New Orleans Saints. The Dallas Cowboys lost 6-28 versus the Los Angeles Chargers, and the Charges lost 28-41 against the New England Patriots.

Maroon 5 will headline the Super Bowl LIII halftime show with guests Big Boi from Outkast and Travis Scott.

Travis Scott required the NFL to contribute to charity for his Super Bowl halftime deal.

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