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Stand Up For Braidy

With Braidy getting used to being around so many new people and places, Deb was a bit nervous to take her out. Deb decided to take her along for lunch anyways, and Braidy behaved extremely well. This was Braidy’s first lunch outing ever, and a proud mom moment for Deb.  


In addition to sweet Braidy adjusting so well, the nonprofit Stand Up For Pits Foundation has decided to officially sponsor Braidy and all of her medical bills!


Donate in Braidy’s honor, and check out their amazing swag benefiting Pit Bull type dogs who have also suffered from severe abuse and neglect.


See Deb’s lunch outing with Braidy and Alfie below.


You can also visit their Instagram to check out their apparel.



After discussing Kura Revolving Sushi Bar on yesterday’s show, Deb and her San Antonio Guy went to go check it out.  Deb’s official review is in, and her take… it was incredible! They had quality sushi at a great value, and the food rotating around you is fresh! While Deb was there she even had fun with the dining experience and brought Producer Nick back a toy Lego sushi surprise.


See what Deb thought about the revolving sushi buffet.


Producer Nick’s new sushi toy.



Every Tuesday after the newest episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’, Jason and Deb will have a spoiler rich discussion about the previous night’s premiere. Jason doesn’t even watch the show, but this week producer Nick and Deb were in shock. If you’re not caught up no worries, the spoiler rich talk will end promptly at 7:40am on the 7am podcast.



Today we called The Senator Spa in Augusta, ME to see if Deb can get them to say I Love You Too. Deb asked if they did deep tissue and Swedish massages for herself and a co-worker, and The Senator Spa was happy to fit Deb in for a duo massage. They even had bubbles for Deb, so you know The Senator Spa said I Love You Too.  



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A gold-plated steel hand worn by Jaime Lannister, played by actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, on display at the launch of the Game of Thrones touring exhibition at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

Jaime Lannister's hand was spotted in a 'GoT' promo, and fans are outraged by the second major continuity error.

A bride shames a wedding guest who allegedly brought ten Tupperware containers to take home leftovers.

A condom company releases “Baby Blocker” to wipe baby pictures from social media feeds.



Robert Kraft wins critical ruling and his video evidence was thrown out.

Russell Wilson surprises his mom with a new house for Mother's Day.


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